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    zombies and the end of the world as we know it :D

    also, having a good time i guess?
  1. sounds cool, i personaly think theres too many variables for it to be truly effective tho but the zoom to get to the farthest survivor ahead and the !sp thing are pretty handy.
  2. anzul

    Any drama lately?

    trump eats his steaks whit ketchup the absolute monster!
  3. thats not it works, what you did there was bind "l" to execute the comand "laser". you should follow what the other post say THOROUGHLY. just so you know what you are doing, here's a brief explanation on how the binds work and what you need to do get the laser bind working. first, binds are just a shorcut to execute one or more of the game's engine comands second, the server has its own comands, they are only executable trough the chat. third, you can either create all your binds trough the console, or by creating a .cfg file which you can edit anytime you want. the later is ideal if you plan on having 20+ binds so, what you need to do is bind a key to sayin the chat the server's comand that gives you the laser, its goes like this: sm_ is the source/game engine comand that says something in the game chat whithout it actualy apearing in it, you need to add what you want it to say !laser is the server's chat comand that you use during the game to get the laser so what you need to do is this: bind "l" "sm_!laser" hope that helps you understand how it works!
  4. if you use your number keypad + the insert/home/page up keys it gets pretty easy to remenber your binds a tip on these situations, try to cordinate whit other players, if you cant chat, watch and wait till someone distracts the skeeters whit a hunter or smoker to get a hit on them. you could also all atack at the same time, its less efective gameplay wise but at least someone is sure to get a hit on them. dont put them in the rotation, it would kill the server each time they come up, but if they could be automated to play once a week in the low activity hours, that'd be healla neat. lol just noticed the tags.
  5. i use enter for that one one thing i think people should do more often, thats including me, is look around. specialy around bottleneck points. just because you can see 8 people ahead of you and past the bottleneck point doesnt mean the last player is already trough last night in no mercy/the subway, when we got to the generator room i forgot to look if everybody was trough and our last 2/3 players where getting destroyed at the botton of the stairs, we all had to go back down and we got wrecked.
  6. anzul

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    >bane kek, whish i had been there at the time.
  7. hey thats neat, thanks for the info inspector!
  8. anzul

    Crashing in game as infected

    maybe your machine is ded? have you tried runing any other aplications as resources-heavy as l4d2 yet?
  9. anzul

    Achievement ideas

    maybe if it is for taking more than 3/5? untochables or the second untochable, it would be too much of a headstart only for the first one
  10. anzul

    Custom Map tonight - Diescraper!

    shame i was looking forward to the next time the server could play that
  11. anzul

    Ill just leave this right here...

    thats some hollywood tier photoshop right there, i can tell by the pixels!
  12. sounds neat for long and drawn out games. this is a great idea, people could even mistake them for normal witches and get rekt, although fire inmunity might be too much. GRADE A steam posting
  13. anzul

    Friday Night Customs!! 12/23/16

    neat, i'll try to be there!
  14. anzul

    Ban Requests - Post Here

    i like cold stream, but i have to switch to low graphic settings so my game wont crash, only happens online tho.
  15. anzul

    Custom / Admin vs Members - all in one? 10/15/16

    now we just need a bunch of skeeters & ceiling pouncers to make it worse better! btw, anyone gona be streaming it? my conection is utter crap atm so even if there are open slots i wont be able to join for long. preferably trought steam or youtube since twitch forces 720p resolution and thats too much for my isp, bleh!