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  1. Thanks Mini! Now if only the rest of you bums would pay up! I can't even get to the list of who said they'd pay or I'd pm them but the Excel spreadsheet doesn't display for me.
  2. With Amazon you have to purchase the book every time. With PaberBackSwap you never have to spend a dime purchasing a book. With BookCrossing you can't get a specific book you want unless it's in an accessible location. With PBS.com I found 6 uncommon books that I've wanted to purchase for months but haven't bought because they cost too much (even used).
  3. I found this site a few weeks ago. There are other sites out there like it (BookMooch.com is one I know of) but this is the one I use so I'm telling you about it. You sign up, you find a book you want. If you have a credit, you get that book. The person who has it sends it to you. When you receive it you mark it complete and they get your credit. The cycle continues. There are 2 ways to get credits: 1) Give books to other people. (this is the cheapest way) 2) Buy credits at $3.45 apiece. (easiest way) The purchasing of credits may seem like a lot, but considering most books new cost $10 or more it's a really good deal. If you have a large collection of books that you don't want to read anymore, this site is an amazing way to find books. I already found 2 lesser-known books that I have wanted to purchase for awhile and I got them for free through this site. Sign up folks!
  4. I have a friend who is just out of college with an engineering degree. He's having a horrid time finding a job in this economy and every interview he goes on people only want to hire someone with 10+ years of experience. Do you guys know of any companies hiring entry level engineers?
  5. I have had an MX Revolution as my mouse for well over a year now. I love it. It's the best non-gaming mouse I've ever used.
  6. paypal address is jamesw@gmail.com Thank you all for giving up so easily!
  7. Recently, my girlfriend was having a really stressful time at work and was having trouble sleeping. Her dad gave her an Ambien to help her sleep and she let it dissolve a little in her mouth before she swallowed it....let's just say that was a BAD choice. We were watching a movie and she said: "I'm starting to feel funny, would you help me up the steps?" and when I looked at her face her eyes were soooo wide it freaked me out. Then she stood up, walked over to a plant in the corner and started touching it going: "Wow...I...I really....REALLY like this tree!" That was just the beginning of quite an interesting night where she thought there were extra rooms in the house, people were hiding things from her, little blue men in green rocking chairs were watching her, etc. Oh, and she also randomly told me: "I like you better than a screen door on my porch." Yay for hallucinogens!
  8. Soooooo....did I win? Where's all my moneys at?
  9. 230 (.2) Someone tell me if I won! I really wanted to hit 220's but I never did.
  10. Already have the Aerons on our radar, as well as the Knoll Life chair and some other high price ones. What we're looking for are suggestions for lower priced ones. You know, ones that I couldn't necessarily find out about by googling "mesh office chairs that are really expensive but totally worth it man!" You people used to be better than Google at these questions. You're dropping the ball these days.
  11. 4 programmers. Need new chairs. Could potentially get up to $500 chairs (probably $300 max though) We are leaning toward something with mesh backs and seats. Problem is that the company owner wants the entire company to have the same chair if possible. Start suggesting!
  12. Sadly, her college is crap. Lindenwood university in St. Louis. It's one of the crappiest colleges I've ever seen as far as running things. She gets screwed over nearly every class because some administrative task is screwed up. For example, she dropped a course with the colleges permission. At the end of the semester she got a failing grade in that course. After years (literally) of phone calls and letters written, the grade is still on her record as failing and has actually screwed up her GPA. Yeah. Don't go to Lindenwood.
  13. Actually, "the return of..." is considered the worst of the THREE (yeah, I know) However, it is the only one I can find anywhere, including downloading it.
  14. Girlfriend is in a college course that she is doing from home. The teacher let her know today that she has to watch the film A Man Called Horse and write about it by Friday. Bad part...we can't find the film anywhere in town. Anyone want to help a brother out? Tell me about the film? Someplace to find it?
  15. You should all shut up. You're being children. Go play in the sunlight or something.
  16. I would also support the comment that the players/team involved in this photograph speak for itself. Liverpool til I die!
  17. Someone summarize it in spoiler form. I could care less about watching the show but I want to know the end.
  18. There is no surprise here and I will definitely not be choosing it without her direct input. What I'm looking for is tips on saving money, places to look, etc. Her father has a friend who is a jewelry wholesaler, but we are looking for an antique as in actually old, not antique looking. example: http://cgi.ebay.com/ANTIQUE-6-PRONG-PLATIN...1742.m153.l1262
  19. Yep, planning on getting an engagement ring. Thoughts? Ideas? She wants something antique. Any opinions on reputable sellers? Advice on sifting through the crap and spam on ebay/craigslist?
  20. Probably because you've never tried to sell something here and have someone come in and say: "but you could get it cheaper from this wealthy company that can afford to provide lower costs due to massive investments they are able to make thereby beating out some random guy trying to get a small return of money for something worth the price!" Yeah.
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