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  1. Anyone else watching this show? I got hooked on it a while back and I think it's great, and has possibly the best premise ever for a sit-com.
  2. Don't waste your money on this movie, I went to see it this weekend because my roommate and some of his friends were going. I thought it might be good seeing hoe Jack Black was in it, completely wrong though. The storyline is pretty poor and I would at best give this a 2 out of 5 rating.
  3. great movie found it very inspirational! this persons true story happened while I was hiking the Appalachian Trail in 1991. Some sadness for me--- I know how hard it really was for him, but mostly understanding of what this person was going through. I can relate to this movie; it is an Excellent story and a good movie. I graduated college and then spent 6 months living out of a backpack its not easy and the people you meet are interesting to say the least. Almost makes me want to grab the backpack and hit the road but I am not as young as I used to be if you read my post below its a movie spoiler sorry all.....
  4. Has anyone ever watched this show? It's a hilarious show from our puck slapping maple suckers to the North. I just finished Season 3, and ordered Season 4 from Amazon. J-roc 4 lyfe knawhaI'msayin'? hwing HWWIIING!
  5. I heard there is a new X-Files movie to be released this summer. What do our resident movie experts have to say about this?
  6. Yeah, Heath Ledger who plays the joker in the next Batman movie this summer was found dead yesterday. I am surprised this did not come up here sooner. http://apnews.myway.com/article/20080123/D8UBKIGO0.html
  7. This was another nice addition to all the Alien and Predator movies. If you liked the first one, this one pretty much has the same type of action, so there is no reason not to like it. And the end is... fairly shocking. All I'm gunna say for the people who don't understand the ending is, read the books. 4/5 Aliens popping out of your stomach.
  8. I really enjoyed this movie....right up to the ending. Anyhow I feel like I just got off a rocky boat, movie made me a little motion sick.
  9. go see it, but don't bring the kids. i thought it was great, 4/5. EDIT: lol the trailer doesn't do any censoring, so you better. language = potty mouf [utube]mYOlmlvED5g[/utube] "if i grown up on a farm, and was dumb, bruges might impress me. but i didn't, so it doesn't."
  10. i went to see "there will be blood" a coupla nights ago. i went in with high expectations and was not disappointed. daniel day lewis, amazing. paul dano, amazing. the story, amazing. the score, amazing. 4.5/5 stars. Lewis is a shoe in for Best Actor and I think Dano for Best Supporting Actor. It's not 5/5 stars only because the movie drags in a few places. go see this movie, people.
  11. So the other night I was up late and this movie came on. It's called Stalag 17. It's an old movie (black and white). It's plot is basically some American POW's are in a german camp and they have a spy amongst them. The movie is about them trying to find out who the spy is while trying to plan escapes for various people and what not. The reason i'm mentioning this movie is because though it's another war movie it's actually quite hilarious. My brother and I found ourselves laughing so hard at some of the parts. For example: This video clip shows one part of the movie where a german sergent who is incharge of this barracks comes in to do roll call ever day. The POW's in this barracks are notorious for pulling pranks and in this clip they're pretending to be indoctrinated as nazi's. http://youtube.com/watch?v=NBpaCnZuBx0 If you get a chance to download or find this movie, i suggest you do it. You'll be in for a treat.
  12. Playaa


    If you like awkward humor (Arrested Development) go see this movie. I loved it. That's all. 4/5 stars.
  13. 5/5 Saw this on Christmas Day. Tom Hanks was pretty good but Phillip Seymore Hoffman (If that is how you spell his name) made the movie. His character was the best and he played him perfectly IMO. This isnt a movie for kids for obvious reasons but it is a very good production. You can tell the guys from West Wing are the ones who wrote it due to the quick banter back and forth between the characters. While I was walking out of the movie theatre a guy from the middle east that was sitting next to me told me that the movie was completely true from his experiences. He said when he was growing up the furniture in his house was built from the crates that carried the stinger missles that we gave them.
  14. I watched it the other day and really enojyed it. I've always been a fan of Morgan Freeman's work, putting him along side Jack Nickleson was a great idea. I give it a 4.5/5. Had some really humours parts and a great ending. I recommend you all see it.
  15. 3/4 Stars This summer has had usual bang of summer action flicks and I have yet to be disapointed. I loved this movie. The humor was right on, the action was fantastic. However, do not expect the entire movie to be action. The middle half of the movie focused more on plot and humor, yet I was entertained throughout the picture. Of course, some of the 'slow motion' action moments were cheesy, but overall I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants wants to see a fine action film.
  16. I think I'm gonna like this show... anyone else watching it?
  17. i thought this movie was one of the funniest i've seen in a long time, i dunno maybe its my age and imature nature that helps relate but dang they did a good job on that one what did you guys think
  18. i just saw this movie and hands down the funniest film i've seen in a long time
  19. Anyone been watching this show? you can catch up on episodes here if you haven't (only 4 so far) it's really quirky and interesting and alot less like a tv show and more like 45 minute long well directed strange movies. it's about a man who can touch dead things to bring them back alive. The catch is that if he touches it again it dies for good and if he touches something to bring it to life, but doesn't touch it again within 60 seconds, something else in the immediate area must die instead. I recommend checking it out if you like quirky things like Stranger than Fiction.
  20. Playaa


    Wow. I'm not sure how to adequately describe this film. it's one of those "indie" films that doesn't really have an overarching plot...it's just about the lives of some people and how they affect each other. it's kind of a love story, it's kind of a musical...and it's kinda indescribable. I have no real idea about what exactly makes me love this movie so much...but...after I finished it...I just had such a sense of satisfaction and joy...I have never felt so perfectly pleased with any film in my life. If you like Stranger than Fiction, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc....you will probably like this film. Though the budget for this movie was only $150k so don't expect anything spectacular. here is the trailer. here is the main actor/singer performing a song from the film live at the first viewing. the DVD doesn't come out until December, but you can find the screener on the internet (I have it, 700mb if you want it). I fully plan on buying the DVD the instant it goes on sale...you should too.
  21. This is probably the freakiest preview I've ever seen. http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/11808/ Now this is from the same guy and company that does lost. And this site seems to be connected; notice the symbols. http://www.ethanhaaswasright.com/
  22. Anyone gonna see this one? I'm dying to see it, Chris walken is my fav actor! Aug
  23. Gond


    If you have Direct TV you can flip to T101 (channel's 101 and 334 on my system) and watch the Championship Gaming Series. They play CS:S, FIFA07, DOA4 and PGR. It's pretty cool but I suggest using the TIVO so you can skip the hour of junk in the 90 minute show.
  24. Might be a spoiler. LOST solved
  25. two thumbs up anyone else seen it?
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