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Found 22 results

  1. Have no idea what's causing this Getting pop-ups on every link - even on GC - haven;t installed anything dubious - always keep the machine clean - win10 bug possibly? - can pre-installed software cause this?
  2. Tonight computer crashed. It took over one hour to boot-up. When it did finally get there, an error message appeared : Windows application failed and computer freezes. I have no clue what's caused this. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Considering pushing my daily driver notebook over to W10 preview. Anyone else running this now?
  4. When I connect/disconnect headphones/headsets/amps from computer I have to either restart programs or re-boot the computer. Is there anyway I can change sound settings in control panel and not have to mess around with volume control properties so that computer automatically detects what's in/out without having to restart/reboot? My old XP could do it, surely Win8 should be able to? Thanks.
  5. Keep getting multiple error messages in console : Browser Message: Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://gamrs.co/maps/l4d2/gcmotd.html from frame with URL http://rss2search.com/delivery/ltag.html?tm=Yzk89OTG&v=041620140000&tp=bin#&fn=f_35f5c5fb9905567a175cb47d26c0b224&num=1&i=62616e6e657269643d333935312663616d706169676e69643d383634267a6f6e6569643d312663623d663132326232656462652661666369643d3239303026616666723d696d70725f3133266361743d6f786d2c7a33303626616655683d67616d657273636f616c6974696f6e2e636f6d266474733d31313135383532266474723d31343033343536363831313737&mc=63337c3836347c63347c333935317c63357c317c6331317c6873733432327c61785f7061676575726c7c67616d657273636f616c6974696f6e2e636f6d&afu=IC21B0FC5A4863DFB82064C21B284F845. Domains, protocols and ports must match. - (null):1 Is there anything I can do to stop this? I have disabled Java for the time being, but that doesn't seem to work. Never mind - fixed it
  6. Ok, I've heard the horror stories about Win 8 and how it's built for tablets and the heck with us pc types. I have also heard some success stories about gaming pc users with Win 8. My question is what should I do for my new build? I figure my budget will end up somewhere in the mid $1300's. I can post the link to my build if that's interesting to anyone. I went for the AMD side of things because for what I wanted to spend on the processor, the Intel chip wasn't IMO good enough. Sure I could have spent more, but not on my budget. In a nutshell, 8 core proc, 16 gig ram, water cooling, and either a 660 GTX, or 760 GTX video card So, what I'd like to know are your experiences, pros and cons. Building a new system, 7, or 8?
  7. My first attempt at this topic resulted in a button push that lost everything so here I try again. I installed 8.1 on my gaming rig last night. It installed fast but did not keep any of my settings from Windows 7 at all. I had to reinstall everything but Steam and even that is a bit iffy at the moment. The so called return of the "start button" had me quite po'd at first and then figured something out by accident. Tip 1: right clicking on the new "start button" brings up a menu of options including the device manager, search, and system restart/shutdown. Tip2: Right-clicking on the taskbar and going to properties, and then the Navigation tab gives you the option to boot right into the Desktop. My transition to 8.1 has been fairly smooth so far.
  8. Received cheque from the insurance company (expletive deleted) today. Having charged me £135 ($200) for excess and to send back my hard drives, and dictated where I had to buy the new computer, I was limited as to the range the shop had to offer. Intel® Core i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz 8GB RAM 64x64 Nvidia GeForce GT 630 Win 8 Going to take a few hours I guess to get used to the setup and a lot longer to re-install all software.
  9. Built in 2007 at a cost of £690 ($1,000 approx) computer has finally given up the ghost. For that price, I would have thought it still had a few years left, but apparently not - It will turn on, lights and fans working as normal, but will not boot-up. Fortunately for me, I do regular back-ups of work, but have lost several hundred hours of music and video/film production - the university I work for (part-time) are not happy to say the least - I'm grateful for that, but having spent so much on the computer and literally a few thousand on software, i don't know where to begin to find the funds to replace it all. I just hope that when I do get another one, the software will be compatible with whatever OS I decide on - looking at Win7, still not convinced that Win8 is any good. I have a vista laptop (even worse than Millennium Edition), but it works, however, playing L4D2 on it is not so good, it's depressing playing it with poor control of movement (visuals, graphics etc are good though) but it is detrimental to the team I am on. I can cope being on infected, but if no one new me here, I probably would be banned for what would seem like griefing when playing as a survivor. If there is a spark of hope anyone can offer, I will be eternally grateful as I would like to try and save my 8th Symphony, 3rd Piano Concerto, 2 Operas and a few other ditties. I will pay you with a dedication, that's all I can offer at the moment, as the place I am living in is taking up virtually every single penny and with the new contract (zero hours) I signed with the university which begins from the 9th June (coincidentally, that's the start of the summer holiday, I will no longer be paid during holiday periods.
  10. Reboot and select proper Boot device (or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key Got glitched as tank and had to restart computer, then that error message appeared, idk what to do. H E L P.
  11. Reboot and select proper Boot device (or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key Got glitched as tank and had to restart computer, then that error message appeared, idk what to do. H E L P.
  12. You might be familiar with this bug. Recently my whole computer crashed after a Windows update and since I was running in Raid0 my hard drives failed and I lost all of my data. I was forced to reformat the drives and start over. Everything was fine reinstalling windows and this time I decided to backup my drives on one of my two 2TB HDD's. After the backup everything has been abnormal. Most processes run quickly but when things require windows explorer to run them they either take 10 minutes at a time to load or force explorer to crash after much delay. The only hint I have toward the problem is a notification that says "Explorer.exe server execution failed." Most of the common solutions I've found online require registry fixes which haven't worked, going into cmd.exe as an adminstrator and creating a new account which also was ineffective, or deleting my current account and creating a new one. The last one seems like it's the best option but since explorer refuses to run and crashes whenever I put any task to it, I can't even accomplish this task. It just freezes and eventually crashes. Fortunately my browser and basic programs still work but I can't run Steam games or access anything in the control panel. Any suggestions would be really helpful!
  13. Vista Home Premium SP2 32bit laptop Logged in as Admin, tried several things to access power options but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks Maestro NVM I fixed it woohoo - I am very proud of myself lol
  14. So this started to happen few hours ago I think. Rough translation at upper box : Unfortunately we must to interrupt/inform you, we got numerous reports/demands from your network. If you wish to use Youtube yet forward, you need to put in the "confirmed" code. It doesn't say what kind of report or demand our network sent (which I also doubt it did). Anybody got this? This kind of message?
  15. Much publicity in USA about recent attacks on Java - not so sure if this is just a publicity scare or not, especially when the Homeland Security officials become involved? Is it wise to uninstall when I haven't had a problem with this and if doing so, would it compromise the computer's performance?
  16. So is anyone using or getting Windows 8? I can grab a copy through work to test and may give it a try on my home pc. I am curious about gaming performance, etc. Anyone?
  17. Run Combofix on your computer. Had a user who was apparently visiting a lot of porn sites. Of course she wasn't and the typical anti-virus programs were not detecting anything. I knew though that they were not coming in on a Sunday night into the office to watch porn so I decided to just run Combofix to see what would happen. It found this and removed it. It is apparently a clickjacker and has been around for a year or more. Still, the anti-virus vendors do not detect it as shown by virustotal. https://www.virustot...sis/1348494257/ How do you run combofix? Carefully! While it is recommended that you not use it without first being guided by the support at bleepingcomputer.com, it should be safe for most anyone to run it and see if it finds anything. You may be surprised. Disable your antivirus before running it and close all other programs. Make sure your important files are backed up. I've never had it kill a computer but you never know. Myself nor GC can be held responsible if anything does go wrong. There is always that chance; do this at your own risk. http://www.bleepingc...nload/combofix/ Here is a guide to using Combofix. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/combofix/how-to-use-combofix
  18. Only at night/early morning (midnight - UK time) I get this message, then the inevitable happens - steam crashes. Have looked at their possible solutions, but to no avail and besides, Valve/Steam I find are so convoluted with their answers, that anything they suggest never really sorts this problem out. Besides telling me not to play during this time, any hints you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Here's the scenario: Our business is getting set to replace our aging server with a new, shiny one with some seriously ballsy power. Old server is running Server 2003 Standard SP2, new one will be Server 2008 R2. Current server roles are file server, application server, RA/VPN server, domain controller, and DNS server. There are 25 computers/users in the network, single site (local) only. I only recently have gotten into studying server configuration and management (looking to get MS cert in Server 2008 admin), but this upgrade can't wait for me to finish all that (AD DS book alone is taking forever to get through). Reading up on the process of migrating the AD DS and DNS server from the old to the new is starting to make my head swim. Anyone have any tips/suggestions for accomplishing this task? I'm reading MS knowledgebase articles, but I figured feedback from someone who has done such a thing would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance, guys.
  20. Installed the Consumer preview today, I don't hate it yet lol. Install was flawless and I would say 99.9% of my old software still functions. Took me like 5 min. to find out how to restart the PC lol a slight learning curve. Anyone else playing with it yet? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/iso
  21. Sometimes I use the openserverbrowser in console as it tends to be quicker to load the game. However, when GC crashes and restarts I can't get passed the MOTD page, it's impossible to close and computer freezes, thus needs a re-boot. Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks.
  22. Recently started to get this warning, then game just crashes. Have looked at several other places to find out what's going on, but still confused as what to do. Is there a quick fix? Thanks
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