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Announcing VIP Night


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The first ever GC VIP night will be Wednesday, November 8th starting at 9est/8cst. The VIP mod is loaded and ready to go on Recrudescence with 10 maps. To get the maps in advance, go here. I recommend taking the full server package and just extracting the maps from it.

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Additionally, is as_deathstar loaded for tonight?

I was gonna hold that one in reserve because (1) I don't know how many spawns it has and (2) IIRC it will be needing a RES file but doesn't have one included (i.e. purple checkerboards). It's possible that my memory is faulty, but with 9 different maps plus a second oilrig we should be all set for tonight even without deathstar.

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Did anyone use this Vapour thing? It's pretty wonky....


Do I have to create an account with these guys just to get the maps?

No, you can download the server package, which has all the maps, along with the actual plugin (which is small) which you can just not install. If this fails, you can go to ih.gamerscoalition.com and browse into /cssmaps/1/ and grab the BSPs yourself, unzip them, and then just take in-game downloads of any miscellaneous files you can't find.

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