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Having performance issues? Check it out!


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I'm curious about this one. I'll try it out tonight and post the results.


Is the image quality noticeably better too? What videocard do you have now?


Well, my major issue was that after the July 18 hotfix my shader and texture caches were corrupt and deleting them didn't seem to solve anything as well as my framerate dropped considerably (on my laptop)


My laptop has a Quadro card in it (Quadro FX 570M) which are designed for CAD applications and the like, however it is basically the 8600M with special drivers (actually they are identical except for the drivers).


When I am at home I prefer to game on my desktop which has a measly 7600GS 512mb in it. I would get 5-15 fps max out of my desktop. With this fix I max out at 40fps in some areas and while i still drop way down to 10fps area the game remains somewhat stable throughout

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I'll chip in $10 towards the "Anonymo Needs a New Rig" fund.


We could have a telethon and show a video of the sad story of poor Anonymo having to play turn-based strategy games with his Canadian brethren via carrier pigeon because his desktop can't handle the new stuff :biglaugha:

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^ I'll be one of the random phone guys in the background.



And I tried this, no real change for me. Although I was disappointed with the "full windowed mode" that was advertised... I thought it'd be a way so I could surf the web while playing AoC, but each time I clicked something in the second monitor, AoC would minimize (so it's the same as alt-tabbing).

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i stopped having issues once i installed another gig of ram.i left for health reasons,which aren't getting better for the moment.

I hope you feel better buddy! I also left for health reasons but health reasons brought on by sitting at my desk playing AoC for too long... :freak3:

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