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Oh, I guess everyones an admin now?


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Do we need so many leaders to the guild? There's like, 10 or something!


Maybe we could work on an actual hierarchy? I have no problem with being a regular old fashion foot soldier, I don't need to do anything fancy. Have our most dedicated players be leaders, then work down from there? Maybe even partially dependent on GC membership level?

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I think three leaders is a good number. That way we don't have a King making all the decisions or two people bickering because they can't agree on something. Three people can come to a consensus. As for who? Beats me! I only got the game a week or two ago. :P

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We probably won't get everyone in the guild to see this thread, so let's just let lousy be one and he can select his peers. The only problem is that we currently have 6 or so leaders, with (as far as I know) no method for forcing people to demote themselves.

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