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GC Fantasy football league 1


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Good tidings, the best time of year is just around the corner... FOOTBALL.  I've been really busy with my new job lately but know i have to get this set up before the season starts.  So please post the best times for you to draft here so i can figure something out.  I saw taht someone wants a draft pre 8 pm, where most of my work days end at 8, and i'm sure others have their own issues.  So.. post here times, any concerns that arose last year, and lets get this rolling.  two of last years teams have not renewed and I have one person who wants to join if possible, so if you dont rsvp by the end of this week, im giving up un renewed spots.  And a reminder, this is for fun, no money involved, so lets not take ourselves to seriously this year, lets get ready for soooome foooootballlllll

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There isn't two spots, there's one spot left.  Tirtul took the 9th spot.  You're gonna have to cancel the draft if it's not filled within an hour of the draft starting.


Otherwise I suggest moving the draft to another time.

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