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Buying a annual membership :)


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Hey Denny, if you get a membership you won't get kicked on our servers as you will be a member then(reserve slot) and you get lots of hats(in game)!!! If you plan on being on GC servers a lot it is definitely worth it. Please bear in mind that does not mean you are able to get away with whatever you want because you are a member. You can still get kicked or banned for not following rules.


If you are talking applying for an admin position  I would give it some more time before you apply. Get to know the ropes of GC and what not. Hope this helped :P

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We prefer people either be really active on the servers or preferably active in both the servers and the forums. Minimum 3 months after becoming a contributing member - but really it's a bit longer than that usually.


And yes, we do kick/ban contributing members. It's not a license to do whatever. Ditto with cheats/hacks.


Good luck have fun!

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Here are just SOME of the reviews I was able to find regarding the Gamerscoalition community:



"After just three months of membership and already I have a slimmer waistline AND my children love me more!"


"I have to say, my teeth have never been whiter! Thanks GC!"


"Thanks to my GC membership I have a TON more energy! My girlfriend hasn't been happier!"


"If only I had found the Gamerscoalition membership before, I wouldn't have lost my legs!"


"I might be homeless and living under a freeway overpass, but thanks to my GC membership I'll never be more than a reliable internet connection away from friendly ridicule!"


"Hanukkah is so much more meaningful thanks to my GC membership."


"3 1/2/5 stars... 5/5 stars without WalkingCat. Just saying it would be better without him that's all."



..... and many more!






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