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Back for Season 5


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Well got a surprise under yonder tree - that being Reaper of Souls. Was going to grab it earlier in the Fall but stuff, reasons.


I knew things were perkier once Jay Wilson left but had no idea how much fun this thing got in a short amount of time.


Biggs clued me up last night with a couple GR runs - lot to learn and re-learn ("Ohhhh right... You hit the enter button to bring up chat...")


Prob spec out a Sorceress for S5. Addicted to Disintegrate.


Message me and invite me in when you catch me online. More than happy to join.


Also, a new alt. GC clan appears! gamrsco. Because it was there for the taking.





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Flitter, I can carry you through Greater Rift 60 and do a bunch of 2 minute rift key runs; At the least, easily get your gems leveled up and hopefully some mighty gear drops. If I haven't created a level 1 of whatever class you're playing, I'll make sure I do, so loot drops for that class drop for me as well.


ve3tit#1950 - just shoot me a friend request.

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