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O...M...G It's happening!

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Only members that have played since Friday evening can join. Hopefully someone's live streaming it.

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After 1 map, and the obvious spankings the admins so rightfully deserve, the Admins vs Members event is over.

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Here's some clips I took. Sorry for the black in the frame, if I go full size my computer lags to pieces. In order of pain. 



/charge + /holdit = bad start for admins



This was longer, but too painful to upload all of it. Spent about 15 minutes trying to get up the mountain, Cold Stream map 1, admins as survivors


I got in a good death charge on Got Your 6 at least. Highlight of my night  :P



Couldn't get on top of the tower, kept trying to bait chargers and found a tank fist finally.



Beezle made it in, Grill got sucked out and punched off hilariously. We actually did our best in the finale! 


I recorded the entire event but didn't feel like uploading 2hrs unedited. These were some highlights though, but if someone feels the need to want the whole thing let me know.

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Thats because i wasnt there

Wrong.  It's cuz I wasn't there to carry.



Even with admin haxes won't help you both whether it's regular games or events.

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