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Back 4 Blood


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I have just over 70 hours in back 4 blood as of the time I'm writing this. I'll try to answer some questions people ask a lot and hopefully it'll help out

Is the game good?


Is it better than l4d2?

I don't think so


The card system removes reliance on game knowledge and skill and instead focuses around creating different builds. Also a lot more of the games focus is only completing missions so lots of people just Speedrun in pubs which is super boring imo

Is the PVP any good? 

I haven't even tried it. My understand is that it's not like l4d2 pvp where you just play the campaigns against human players instead of bots, it's like some smaller scale arena type thing that doesn't interest me at all

Does it have custom server capability?


Does it have mod support?


Summary/would I recommend?

Yea I would recommend it. It's a fresh look at the coop fps style like l4d, and has some fun new features and experiences. I doubt you'll sink as much time as you likely have put into l4d games into it, but I felt like it was worth my money. Oh also it'such more demanding on PC specs than l4d so lower end rigs might have a tough time hitting higher framerates


Ps: I'm posting this on mobile so hopefully my formatting doesn't suck lol. Also long live gc and also max is best player

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