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Question for j00


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Is all of this (everything you guys are talking about in this forum) based on WarCraft III?


Perhaps consider creating a topic that could be pinned that describes what you're doing, any mods (with links) that are necessary...perhaps a couple people to contact, etc.


I don't have time to play, but as an old WCII player I've kinda browsed through the topics in here a bit....and to be honest, I get lost real quick with all the new terminology. Just a suggestion to put up a "welcome" type thread for any newbie travelers.

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No, most of what we're talking about deals with World of Warcraft (WoW). It's an upcoming Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, set in the Warcraft world. It's made by Blizzard, and it is due to enter beta any day now. Basically, you'll be one of the characters you've always ordered around from above. You'll be down at ground level, walking into the barracks and looking up at the ceiling, instead of clicking on it from a bird's eye view. Gameplay will be first person or third person.


Take a l00k B):D

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GC Founder

Interesting! Savage concept? or more of a Star Wars thing?


What can you compare it to?


It's obviously one of those things that I won't have time for, but it sounds awesome!


I'm excited that you guys are getting organized. Is there anything I can do to help?

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GC Founder
Think EverQuest Fatty....same type of concept but supposedly much better.

Oh gosh....we lost many people for many moons to Everquest....some never returned....some were never the same again.


It's a scary thought that we're organizing a group sacrifice here...


<wipes a tear>


In that case, I have a few people in mind I'd like you to make sure you include in your group. I'll even buy the game for them. :D

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