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  1. l4d2 is good, much better than the first, but for me its one of those games I play a month of get bored with
  2. What's on your mind?

  3. I will be playing it...the demo is pretty sweet, just ready for some new maps and vs mode
  4. I played with Monk last night also. At one point we had 9 survivors. The Jockey is pretty fun to be you get a team that separates and the Jockey can bring them a long way. The spitter are also pretty cool, you can spit pretty far and on a dark map it could be hard to even see the spitter from the distance. I also just want to add if you have l4d, but not l4d2, you should get it. L4d2 seems like its going to be a lot better. I mean when you blow a hole through a zombies stomach, and it gets back up and is running at you.
  5. Its all listed here http://www.l4dmods.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=282:play-as-infected-with-the-left-4-dead-2-demo&catid=2:news&Itemid=13 I have tried this in single player and also online, some servers online you cant do it, but there are a handful out there.
  6. To me the game was a waste of money....there are not nearly enough maps/campaigns and it just gets old rather quickly. I played for about 2 months and then maybe for a week after they released the survival mode....it was fun at first but gets old rather quickly
  7. not to self, attack from the right side glad your ok
  8. I knew you cheated!
  9. shaft FF b/c hes always in the back....when that horde comes hes gone, then when there gone if your still alive here comes shaft
  10. BloodHarvest yet to go... anybody playing at regular times? thats what I have left also...every1 always quits on the last map Hah, next time I play with Warpig, I'll suddenly rage quit at the last map. that already happened, on blood harvest....after you turned on cheats....
  11. BloodHarvest yet to go... anybody playing at regular times? thats what I have left also...every1 always quits on the last map
  12. you have a password lol, if its WEP, you can d/l a program and in like 5-7 mins somebody is stealing your internets! to check what you have you need to login to the router most likely WPA2 as far as I know is unbreakable, I say change the key and dont tell your buddies, see if the spikes go away =) It could also just be a crappy to start with and have a few people on it is not going to help. run a speedtest and see what it runs at www.speedtest.net if you are spiking a ping that high for 20 seconds or so it sounds like someone is using the conn, if they wer downloading files it would be that way until the download was complete and then slowly go back down. I would think someone is using the conn at the same time causing these spikes.
  13. Warpig

    VS Mode

    shooting you in the head isnt cool?
  14. what was wrong with rtv, 50% of the ppl have to rtv....so if its a full server 10 people would have to rtv in order for it to change, its not like one person rtv and we change maps.
  15. Warpig

    VS Mode

    wish I was there, but had to be at work at 6am
  16. I do the same thing mostly b/c I had a crappy desk mic, and nobody could hear me. But now I have a new headset with a good mic, and I still forget to use it
  17. Warpig

    VS Mode

    That was honestly insanity. I guess luck follows me around at short intervals. Jackiecheat! I think the closest game was my last which was 1000 to like 4000, LOL.
  18. Ricky Rambo(they never keep up, stupid noobs! lol) and I think Wally Witch B♥T♥H, I still cant figure out how to shoot her 1 time to kill her ....once I get that no more Wally Witch B♥T♥H
  19. Warpig

    VS Mode

    I love vs mode, thats about all I play....but if your team doesn't stick together(or they suck) you will get owned...but I did have fun last night beating my first campaign
  20. I love ZPS, but no one ever plays the GC server....and when I played in GC server its constant swearing...but that seems to be really typical for that game....I think everyone gets frustrated b/c of idiots not working together....It would be nice to see some regulars from CSS in the ZPS server....might actually get some teamwork going on.
  21. I agree with what brain said, but a new rotation would be nice....stock maps get very boring...get some custom maps loaded up in the rotation.
  22. zanned dust2 losttemple_pro piranesi beroth Italy cbble season cpl_fire cpl_mill cplstrike russka
  23. Warpig


    *edited* train kinda sucks b/c theres so many spots to hide, it just drags out. Aztec isnt too bad on scopeless, so heres my vote for maps as I dont know the rotation Italy, d2, piranesi, aztec, temple, cpl mill/cevo, cpl strike, cbble, inferno, office
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