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  1. God save the QUEEN!!! Shaftiel
  2. Naked Skyrim player models. Pervert. Shaftiel
  3. With the member 5v5 stuff streaming and such perhaps that could create some interesting content. Shaftiel
  4. Contents of WalkingCats purse? Shaftiel
  5. Meh. I was expecting something else. Shaftiel P.S. Welcome aboard
  6. S.J. lives in lala land, and drives a Unicorn to work. Shaftiel
  7. shaftiel


    Signed up. Have no idea what it is, but am moderately luke warm about it. Shaftiel
  8. Aw! I bought Gauntlet yesterday without consulting our website. Of course that means I am available for some good 'ol fashioned carnage. Shaftiel
  9. Stunned, the knight knows he is out sporked, so he hops onto the nearest ponygirl and tries to flee! Shaftiel
  10. I'm not sure I understand this post. First, he doesn't know who we are, and doesn't think he has ever played on our servers. Second, he is very anxious and needs this addressed 'ASAP'? Why is this suddenly so important that it needs to be dealt with right away, when he was banned 6 months ago and he has no meaningful connection to our servers? I just don't get it. Shrug. Shaftiel
  11. My eyes are bleeding. Shaftiel
  12. You ever get that feeling?

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      Lost in the heat of it all DiXie? ;)

    3. DiXie


      Girl, I wouldn't know heat if it bit me in the ............

    4. Lookback
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