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  1. Its the same xp/lvl and xp/mob now as it was in beta, don't listen to what the boards tell you. a liar? No, I have just played the game for well over a year now it was under 2 hours to level 10 as I said i don't know the exact time cause I really don't care too much. According to your rules twinking isn't against the rules which is what I did. My warrior right now at level 25 is wearing ALL blue armor which is something even my level 60 mage can't say yet and he has 2 purples waiting to be used once he reaches the appropriate level. Warriors are amazing to twink out since they are so highly gear dependent. Next time I make an alt I will make sure to take a screenshot just to put to rest your doubts.
  2. Bah! I have a coworker who is gonna be out of the office tomorrow and I came to look at these pictures for good inspiration, linch I need to see them!
  3. Cheesehead 4life. He better not retire, Im going to a game next year and I want him to be playing.
  4. I've done 1-10 in 55 minutes in beta, haven't started many alts in retail but I do believe my warrior did it in about 1 hour even, was somewhere around there.
  5. One of two scores. Either 31-10 Pats over the Eagles or 27-20 Eagles over the Pats I think if the game is kept close the Eagles are gonna win this one, however I think the Pats are gonna blow the Eagles out. Time will tell.
  6. Favre is getting old? The Packers set a franchise record for their offense this year including passing yards. Not sure how you can say Favre is getting old and not being productive. The Pack had the #1 offense in the NFC in terms of yards per game. The place the Packers struggled is their defense. Favre is still very capable of running an outstanding offense.
  7. I think the Bears had 3 or 4 safeties at least 2 though.
  8. I believe it has to do with Blue Shift being made by another company not Valve. I forget which developer made Blue Shift but they licensed it out, it was the same company that did the port of the original HL to PS2.
  9. He made the record setting TD in regulation btw it was his TD that tied the game followed by the 2 point conversion that sent the game to overtime. They got a field goal in overtime to win it. Both Manning and Brees were pretty good yesterday. I have been extremely surprised with San Diego this year and I have always thought that Manning was an outstanding athlete.
  10. Yeah I got to meet him once too, such a tragedy.
  11. I am a die hard cheesehead, that game was great, a bit stressful at times but a great game none the less. Our defense really stepped up in the second half. Gave up 21 points in the first half and only 3 in the second half. Their defense gave up 17 points in both halfs looks like we made the right adjustments
  12. VT lost to NC State 17-16 http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/teams/page/VATECH
  13. I wasn't saying that you are ganking, I am talking about hte server in general. I had a lvl 60 on the closed beta PvP server I am very aware of how the server works, I also leveled to 35 on both of the "PvE" servers in closed beta so I know how they work. I love PvP and would not play an MMO without PvP however I don't like the way the PvP servers work. Once battlegrounds are implemented this will only further widen the gap that I feel between the 2 server types.
  14. So, 5 undefeated teams at the end of the season Pittsburgh in a BCS bowl, Cal stuck on the outside looking in and they were the only school in top 6 defense and offense. Michigan, Pitt and to a slightly lesser extent VA Tech could have been replaced by more worthy teams. Pitt is the biggest disgrace to the bunch, they won by the rules but the rules are flawed imo. I think TX definately deserves a bowl bid, I mean their only loss was to OK but at the same point Cal's only loss was to USC so how can you deny them a bowl bid? I think in my ideal world you would have an 8 team playoff system and this year it would be: 1) USC 2) OK 3) Auburn 4) Cal 5) Texas 6) Utah 7) Boise State 8) Louisville, Georgia or VA Tech The last spot is hard for me to say, Louisville has been impressive with how many points they can put up and their one loss was only by a field goal to a pretty good Miami team. Likewise Georgia lost a close game to TN and got beaten by a team that could very well be the best team in the country. VA Tech lost to USC and lost a heart breaker to NC. The system needs some reform imo. EDIT: Utah and Boise State had the 2 easiest schedules across the country however I don't think you can take anything away from a team that goes undefeated especially considering both of them blew out a lot of their opponents.
  15. Personally I have yet to play a game I didn't beat HL2 I haven't finished yet but I am still working on it taking my time. WoW has been keeping me busy. But outside of that every game that I own I have beaten.
  16. I PvP all the time, I do it on a PvE server though ganking is not for me.
  17. It is not 99g, I had over 500g in beta and the lvl 60 mounts cost 1000g.
  18. The thing is you can't review a MMO for about 3-6 months and then you have to constantly review it every 3-6 months as they patch it and add expansions. MMOs are constantly changing.
  19. Their webpage seems to be down atm.
  20. Its still down, they took it down for maintenence.
  21. It's not a problem I can't garuntee you will fit in with our guild, it is quite a different atmosphere from gc. We are on an East Coast Role-Playing server. The server is Argent Dawn. The reason we went Role-Playing is because of our time in Dark Age of Camelot we have learned that RP servers typically attract a more mature type of player and you get less idiots to deal with. Our guild is called Brotherhood of the Blade. My mage is named Halldritch. I know Linch is there in the form of Ekimemsti or something like that and I have no clue what soul is named there.
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