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  1. Ah, I was gone all last week and missed the "purge" post. Yeah, Paypal can confirm I paid back on 12/1/12 so I need to be put back in.
  2. Me? hello? Why am I being kicked for a contributing member? I'm a pseudo-Admin for goodness sake. I know the check cleared... Hell, that was back in November.
  3. Dude, they just pay for the shirts. I don't eat that stuff either. They spend small fortune on youth sports across the country.
  4. Getting my coachin' on at practice. Had a great first game on Saturday. Not a single kid cried and for this age group, that's something. Can't say the same for the other team. They practically had to drag one kid to the bases.
  5. No, I know who you are, I just don't get what you were saying. lol
  6. What the....? I don't even...
  7. There's a special ring of hell for those people. Them and those who hold spitters.
  8. Whenever I hear "Rave Reviews" I picture a guy talking about the game while swinging glow sticks with thumping techno music. Will play. Loved first 2.
  9. Storms on Monday tore my little town to pieces so I have no power this week. Will be back next week.

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    2. TheDude


      its rude to laugh at the less privileged. That's why i never joke about America

    3. Madvillain


      Figured the inbreeding was enough pain, didn't want to pick on you for electricity.

    4. Cinkadeus


      ah.. much better.

  10. 1. Pearl Jam - Ten 2. Stone Temple Pilots - Purple 3. Soundgarden - Superunkown 4. Alice in Chains - Dirt 5. Counting Crows - August and Everything After Yes, the 90s were a big part of my life. Most of which was spent on roller blades with a flannel shirt tied around my waist, but I never really cared for Nirvana. Most of the albums I listed could be just thrown in and played throughout. Nirvana wasn't like that... Every other track was noise or just garbage.
  11. My first day as head baseball coach went far better than I expected.

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    2. LadyYuri


      for kids right? LAWL if not then no hugs

    3. Cinkadeus


      3&4 year old T-ball.

    4. LadyYuri



  12. Sourcebans has lost its link with the L4D2 server

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    2. Madvillain


      I use it to Cink, noticed yesterday but thought it was temporary.

    3. yErMoTH3r


      lol it got autobanned for too many queries w/i the allotted time even though the access was allowed - fixed

    4. Cinkadeus
  13. Nice, I can now see the CS server too on Sourcebans. Great work as always.

    1. shaftiel


      Thanks. I do my best.

  14. This is what happens to me when the stats are down.... Darnit all to heck.
  15. Yay for bonus day!!! Boo for higher tax rate.

    1. TheDude


      Yes pay those taxes!! They all go to the secret Belgian Takedown of the US fund.

  16. Before that begins though, remember I'm not an admin.
  17. I used a new style of torsion hinge by Rockler. Expensive, but very nice looking. http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=22046&site=ROCKLER
  18. I never think to do them.. I'm always to busy working on my project to remember to take pics. And awesome desk! Vertical 2x4s?? Rock solid.
  19. I've been working on it since 1/1. About an hour or so each day. Maybe a few more on weekends. I'm very meticulous and slow on miter cuts. I haven't figured the total cost yet.
  20. 1. Make sure you have at least 45 min of music on your MP3 player. 2. Print out a big S 3. Use rubber cement to apply the printout to the center of the lid. 4. Get your smallest plunge router bit (I used 1/8th") 5. GO SLOW. Lock the router in the ON position and put your hands on the base to guide it with more control. 6. Rout the outline, then remove paper, adjust depth, and rout out the middle. Easy as pie. The color is Minwax Sedona Red with 2 coats of high gloss polyurethane. Smooth as glass finish. I built everything except carving our the flowers and ivy patterns. The ivy molding comes like that and the flowers are pre-carved and glued on. Hardest part is the miter cuts for all the trim. Its oak plywood with white wood trim. And I'm not an admin.
  21. Our L4D2 server is useless without an admin on. Absolutely anything goes. Yesterday was a total farce.

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    2. looneypumpkin


      sucks when that happens. It has been fairly rare though I think.

    3. Cinkadeus


      This week its been horrible. Lookback needs to comeback.

    4. LadyYuri


      but lookback isnt the only admin... *cough* where are the other admins? i see dude is on now and so is mae but arent there like 12 more admins?

  22. I finally finished my daughter's toy box yesterday.
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