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  1. Here's the deal, when its 22/22, and say, 5 of those are non-reserved members, you're preventing reserved members from joining the server by filling that buffer spot. They need that spot to jump in and hit !jointeam. Admins are afforded this spot when they need it.
  2. lol... I sorry guys. I get in a similar situation when I put kids in right field when I'm coaching little league. If I could put them all at pitcher, I would. And some were left out just because I can never remember who all I play with at lunch time. No offense implied.
  3. Ha.. well I found it. Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Deadman.
  4. Could an admin close one of these threads... For some reason, it double posted.
  5. Cinkadeus

    Song Hunt

    I'm looking for a modern rock song about a crazy girlfriend. That's all I got. I do realize that makes up roughly 23.4% of the genre, but I'm at a loss to remember anything else about the song. So just start posting the ones you know and hopefully one will be the one I'm looking for. I'm just banging rocks together here, folks. I know it was within the last 7 years or so. So no classics or 80s. This is by a modern rock group.
  6. I can only speak of the lunch crowd, since that's the only time I play, but here: 1. General (and everyone said "DUH") 2. RumRunner (Great communicator) 3. Lookback (for banning rushers) 4. Maestro 5. Cinkadeus.gc 6. Black Yoshi 7. Radical (for incap pickup and healing point farming) 8. Baloosh 9. Poutch 10. Chief With alternates: Tsunami, 0bullets, and Kodama
  7. Some men just want to watch the world burn
  8. Jeebus... Does General really need to be included in this? Can't there be an exclusion for him? He already gets 2 points every time he kills a SI.
  9. I think spitters should drop 100% of the time but for only 3 seconds. That way, the Survs HAVE to run in the spit.
  10. I know you're busy and just LOVE getting requests, but could there be a timeout on the purchase confirmation message? Or is there a way to answer it via key bind now? I have <menuselect 1> as my last command, but it never makes the question go away after I receive the item. So it just sits there... watching me.... mocking me.
  11. I can't say Taken 2 without thinking Tekken 2.

    1. MattKemp


      Apparently in that movie he just goes back to finish off everyne that didn't die in the first one

    2. TheDude


      Spoilers much?!

    3. Lookback


      There was a Taken 1?

  12. Hey, I know I've been absent recently, but my 'ward' just graduated USMC at Parris Island this week. That, and its Talladega weekend. I'll be back on my regular incapping of Radical schedule next week. -Cink
  13. As a fellow rehabilitated WoW junkie, I suggest the game. The lack of monthly fee doesn't give you the feeling you HAVE to play else you waste money. So far, it has all the things I liked about WoW and fixed those things I hated about WoW.
  14. Just bought both my boys Sonic Screwdriver toys. Epic Nerdy Dad is Nerdy.

    1. amertrash


      If only you could get a real one now, along with maybe a naked Martha Jones

    2. Biggs


      I'd prefer Amy Pond, no offense

    3. Cinkadeus


      I'd take any of the last few companions... Even that annoying red head. .. I'm married, I don't get much.

  15. Yahtzee did GW2 review today. WARNING: NSFW or NON-GC language ahead: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/6337-Guild-Wars-2
  16. LOL... No, I see no noticeable trend.
  17. I only use boomers to give Oni 2 flying pts. I say "2" because you know its a headshot.
  18. No problem here, but I only connect via this page. it allows me to see who's on and what map in case i change my mind. http://www.gamrs.co/l4d/sourcebans/index.php?p=servers
  19. I'M SOOOO SORRY!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lookback


      He did that again?!?!?!!?!?

    3. Cinkadeus


      I broke it bad. It was down for almost 20 minutes.

    4. TheDude


      Did you sit on it?

  20. I'd rather have a 19 v Oni server. That kid is too good for his own good.
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