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    Gaming, computers, drawing, hanging out with friends, modding, hardware-hacking (modding the wii, xbox and other electronics.) working, and playing l4d + other games

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  1. What about people blaming their team for losing and making everyone tinkled off? I've seen a few highly competitive players that just ruin the game becuase they try so hard.
  2. Hey guys, I was Googling around trying to find ways to install my steam games onto my SSD so i would take advantage of the performance increase, and I found this program; http://www.traynier....ware/steammover . its kinda old but it works well and i was able to easily move my games over to my other SSD. basically what it does is makes a Symlink junction over to your SSD so that steam "thinks" your games are still on your normal drive, but are instead in the other faster one. Thought i'd share this with all the Guys with fast gaming rigs. nice way to get an extra 10-20% more performance with your blazing fast hardware. ~Panik I included it in my attachments in case you just wanna download it here. SteamMover_v0_1.zip
  3. recently bought a 27" Asus 16:9 monitor. Once you go 1080p you never go back.
  4. I call guild moderator! What should i of put the number of members for gcftw? 500-999?
  5. She gave me a free Bill's hat in tf2. that item is worth like $20. Thanks cake! merry belated Christmas!
  6. I'm marking this day down on my calendar, as I am quoting stutters in agreement. This is basically what I tell people when they ask me about phones, with the small modification that I also think Android can be for the "basic user" as much as the iPhone can be. I have had my Droid X since it was released a year and a half ago, and have loved it. I like to tinker with it (and apparently I need to check out the awesome sauce app ZD described above) and I hate the thought of being confined into the "Jobs experience". I also build my own computers, so I guess I fit the profile. If someone is not pre-disposed one way or the other, I tell them to find the phone hardware they like and roll with it. If they only want a phone that they won't have to screw with much and will talk to their MacBook Air, then I tell them to go iPhone. Also, iTunes blows. You gotta remember the iPhone is honestly the best phone for mobile gaming right now. Currently the iPhone 4S has the best APU for graphics.
  7. if you want to make a rebuke to what i said on the other thread; go ahead. don't go around mocking what i type when you had nothing to contribute to that conversation anyways. on topic; check out this site aswell; http://www.gpureview.com Don't worry man, it's just a joke. I don't take myself very seriously on these forums, just ask around. congrats on the purchase, lousiest! lol, i apologize. I tend to have very strong beliefs about certain topics and I've noticed i express them rather loudly and insensitively. gotta work on that...
  8. P4N1K


    Sad to see you go buddy. i think L4D in general is full of try-hards and bullies. When there is this much competitive team play and strategy in a game, everyone can get a little stressed out when they're all not on the same page. I haven't personally seen you get picked on in specific; but i'm sure there is a few players that get made fun of regularly. come back soon dude. i hope once this community gets large enough and has enough regulars to fill an entire server everyday, it would be cool to make it a member only server. you should come play some CSS on the retro server though . Every member there is super nice and admins tend to always be on so you could easily get a ban for someone if they're disturbing the game.
  9. i would really like to see inferno played more often. aztec and cobble seem to dominate this mapcycle.
  10. all he needs now is a SATA 3 SSD. if you wanna go the cheaper performance route though; get a OCZ vertex 2.
  11. that sucks. least you gave it a shot. why were you trying to install it anyways though?
  12. if you want to make a rebuke to what i said on the other thread; go ahead. don't go around mocking what i type when you had nothing to contribute to that conversation anyways. on topic; check out this site aswell; http://www.gpureview.com
  13. unfortunately its $10 for the ssh app. i find it quite ridiculous myself , but honestly i am not as advanced as a lot of you guys when it comes to how i network my home pc's. heres the link to the app; http://itunes.apple....d287765826?mt=8. thanks a lot of all your guys views on this its really been quite helpful. I'm quite the media nerd though. I mostly just play videogames when i come home from work and hang out with friends and my partner, so it really doesn't seem all that useful for me to have all those additional features. When it comes to jail breaking though; i'm a hardware hacker and i don't think games are really worth what developers are pricing them at right now. Although i do pay for loads of games when they are really worth it (skyrim, oblivion, bf3, source engine games from valve, etc..) i can't really justify to myself buying a $60 game that is just a rehash of an older version of the same game *cough* CoD *cough*. Other then that though i love what a lot of quality developers and indy developers are doing with their games and i would be happy to buy from them. (ive bought the humble bundle 3 times for over $10, and minecraft 3 times for myself and friends.)
  14. So i recently had the *cough* pleasure of chatting up my co-worker about the current handheld leading OS's. fanboy gonna fan. Needless to say right now the tech industry is big on Android. however the current leading consumer device is the iPhone. I have a iPhone 4S and i really do like it. it may not have the open source and expandability of the current Android phones; but it really does deliver some nice features. I have always found the music and video playback on iOS to be much more responsive and easier to use, not to mention it has the best current GPU in any phone right now (which i'm a fan of, because of some pretty decent games in the app store.) Siri is a nice touch and an interesting conversation starter but her current availability is gimped in Canada (no GPS directions of any kind .) Jail-breaking is also a factor, seeing as i can enjoy the delicious free apps to my hearts content . I hope i don't sound like too much of a consumer dip-shtick in this post. also i normally hate apple and their crappy Operating system, but their hardware is really nice (when i'm not over paying for it.) i would love to read about peoples views on the OS's and which phone they currently have/ are thinking about getting.
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