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  1. I give you an A for effort. Come play our servers, maybe on customs night and you could do something on 10 v 10.
  2. 1st weekend in October has my attention, that may be possible on an outside chance.
  3. Stutters will like this, I think...
  4. A tie, with spots on it already!!!
  5. Should make it Dixie's Admin is a Deadmin accomplishment...
  6. For once I feel like joining Turbo and not slapping him...
  7. Or to euthanize them perhaps, so the infected cannot get free points out of them? <Evil Grin>
  8. Matt Kemp, you are better than this.
  9. I like all of this except the don't take someone else's fireworks. If there is a tank and you have a short window to light it, better to make sure it gets lit. I think the better statement here is don't take someone else's fireworks unnecessarily, I can't count the number of times I have hidden a fireworks crate creatively, so the tank can't see it and someone will come along and light it just because it is there and while the tank is still a long way away...
  10. Oh no, Tainted has won at something, get ready for the REAL zombie apocalypse - or some other world-ending event! Grats Taint, even if my PBJ kill-rate is higher (100% in rounds played against him)
  11. In game name was Merkules, please refer to this thread: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/46036-unban-reques/
  12. Still great after all these years!
  13. I would rather not go into the details of the language I heard, we don't accept that term or any other race-oriented slur, regardless of how it is delivered. I think that given that this is your 2nd ban in 2 days, we need to deliver a fairly strong message that this community has standards that we expect players to live by. You had several members and players complaining about your language on the server and had I not had a hard time understanding you, the ban would have come a lot sooner. I actually took some heat for having taken as long as I did. I have reduced your ban to 1 week, but I do not expect that we will be remotely as generous if the situation is repeated.
  14. I think it was a question of the right bait for Tainted...
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