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  1. Meh, hopefully I will actually see PBJ in game at some point...
  2. So if there is a contest for best peanut kill, he must have improved a lot since I was gone... GJ PBJ!
  3. got 'em - the fun should begin soon! !slap turbo
  4. heheh!

    1. tainted92


      Oh god, he's baaaack

    2. Mercman


      No Hes Look Back

    3. Lookback


      oh my, I am soooo rusty.

      (But I am still better than Dixie)

  5. I have Warcelona. Do you have links for the other 2 Merc? not quite back yet - gotta wait for for kids and wife to be asleep/gone
  6. Yortzing it up like it's 1999

  7. So you couldn't have a .01% chance of it spawning a tank?
  8. Well, there goes my season. Totally overthought Lunquist...
  9. Watching: Damages, Walking Dead, Big Bang Just Finished: Spartacus (that was fun!) Looking forward to: Game of Thrones, Last season of Boardwalk Empitres
  10. Rocksmith 201? (the next one) L4D3 Any future version of Battlefield that is WWII themed
  11. Might be getting close. @Tainted: Was that before or after I leveled your fail-charge?
  12. I don't know JC, maybe your whines are higher pitched and louder than Dixie's?
  13. Yep, that looks about right, if memory serves... <3 Taint
  14. Me or Taint LOL! I have not played an FPS in about 2 years.
  15. Tainted makes me want to come back and play...
  16. 2 revelations of L4D2: Balance is impossible You are going to lose a round or a match at some point
  17. Re bump C'mon folks, or it is no fantast games until football starts up again! (unless you are into fantasy golf - urgh, baseball is (slightly) more exciting.)
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