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  1. The option to be able to buy 1 car. And only 1 car. LOL
  2. Make me admin. Ill ban all players who show an IQ of less than 130. Excluding me ofcourse. I would also setup special Olympic games. Where noobs can play and we can watch. OK, is this the attitude everyone is talking about, and why I wont make Admin?
  3. I keep getting booted and crashed. I am not the only one. It happens when we are infected. Super annoying
  4. i hate when people use the invisible walls for pounces. To me its an exploit.
  5. Testing went very well. Kudos to Jackie for figuring out glitches right away. I liked it, but it was real hard.
  6. Ill test with you. I am available tonight.
  7. I think you should leave this to Admins to handle. I prefer not to do this when admins are on. Seems to tinkle them off. I dont mind when they are not on and someone is trolling.
  8. Can we do Friday VIp nights? Starting 8pm est? Please, I so want to do this. It changes the game drasticaly. And yes Yortz. I played on a server that had this, but also had a banking system, and during those campaigns, you were awareded double points for completion. Awesome.
  9. Well deserved. Peanut is good peeeps.
  10. Sounds like Jackie interested. Maybe the VIP can glow bright Yellow for everyone.
  11. This planet has a few billion. We got lots more to go.
  12. Can we get a VIP scenario? One random person is VIP, if they die, round ends. If they complete the round. They get to keep 1/2 the points they earned. VIP does not carry a primary weapon. Just a mele. Everyone needs to help / heal VIP
  13. My Company website was knocked down by a DDOS last week. 3GBs attack. Siteground hosting company stinks. Went to godaddy who says they have 99.9% uptime. That means they better handle that BS.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This
  15. So, can I be admin? LOL. I been 1000000000x better. Ask around. Expcept I cant stand eastern europeans, current admins, Canadian players, General, El Diablo, Fishy members with rank 45+ and anyone who wears a car for a hat. ROFL. Heartz!!!
  16. Swat is the worse player ever. he hacks too.
  17. I find some of the best admins, are laid back, but still enforce the rules with style. Personally, I would love to be an admin, just so crasx can stop warning me. Other than that, plenty of admins now, so I dont think we need anymore. Well except for Yoshi. He should be grand supreme admin. also, would be nice to have enforcers. People who can change maps, setup votes etc, but dont have ban access.
  18. I been watching this. Seems like Crasx is at fault for everything. Remove his admin priveleges now and give them to Yoshi
  19. Hello, You know this wont be 100% till I decide to come back and play on the server. bwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaa
  20. Why hasnt Sky Commented? I thought he knew everything.
  21. Did you amateurs fix this yet? I am back in 3 weeks. Better be working
  22. If you need a hand just doing stuff, let me know. I am in Greece on a Beach with my laptop. I can key in a few things.
  23. What did valve update to break the 10vs10? What was the update needed for?
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