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  1. Hi Snakevenom, Thanks for posting on the forum and sorry for the late reply. I will unban you
  2. With what? By stating pointless reference to slavery and 12 Angry Men that has nothing to prove of his innocence or that he is so skill that he can predict where the other team will spawn
  3. Not sure if you know this k1llz, but even the US justice system can reject all future court filing from an individual. Just looking up Jack Thompson. So how can you call us prejudice? I don't want in on these pointless argument, but your attitude doesn't solve anything.
  4. Add to what Meng said, if you can't get the ceiling pounce to work for a min or so, then you should move on. Not saying you are wrong Gank, but this is a good example of focusing too much of getting one trick to work and failed to notice the other team accordingly. Not to mention, the time you spent on getting the ceiling pounce to work, you can use those minutes to spawn as hunters multiple times and get a few mid-tier pounce. You probably rack up more point that way
  5. I should be more sad. My gf is asian jew so you can imagine how much I have to give up no more pork, shrimp, lobster, clams, crab, mussels *sob sob sob*
  6. Don't worry, there will always be a spot in Spectate. you are saying that because you know you won't get pick , jackie expect people to pick me first edit: oh wait, i can't even play. it is conflicting with my schedule...damn
  7. Last 2...or was it 3? admin vs member is played on No Mercy. I think we should give no mercy a break. Btw, is it too late to de-admin myself so I can join the member side
  8. cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor 0 though I haven't try it on gc server
  9. Why not get permission to play on the Test Server? Shouldn't it be the same as playing on the regular servers? yea, but that is not config to 10v10 so it is different testing environment
  10. I can't find the right time, but can someone test I hate Mountain map 2 to see if infected can spawn without crashing. Every times I am on, the server is packed with players so I can't test the map without kicking everyone. Try disabling all the add-on other than IHM2
  11. Really? It doesn't looks like a dying game to me: http://steamcharts.com/app/550#All Compare to the more recent game, Evolve. If it ever dies, Valve will most likely make L4D2 a free to play like TF2. My stomach is telling me that now that Valve has released the Steam machine and Source 2, we should see more Valve games hehehe....keep dreaming
  12. it wouldn't really help either way...for hunter at least. If I miss my pounce, I usually backtrack the map until I get to press E to be in ghost again. So, even if you do this, it wouldn't really change much. What about suiciding in ghost mode? I am not sure if jackie can control what scenario infected is suiciding from
  13. Just change all the babies in this thread to peanut. It makes the topic more engaging But seriously, I do like having the option to heal and not limited by a timer. Or we can put in an auto-heal feature similar to tank, which can be buy X amount per spawn but will cost more say 5-7 pt.
  14. I agreed 20 pt is a bit cheap, because this upgrade will make it harder to play as a tank. If we were to put this in, then we definitely need power upgrade for infected. I want an upgrade that if a boomer melee a survivor, it will punch them 100 ft away like that other L4D2 server has.
  15. Maybe have like emblem/badge show up below our post picture? Or maybe a special gift for anyone who is a member for more than 3 years? something like a personal greeting/dancing video of shepard
  16. But I want my $70 useless plastic Pipboy which looks ridiculous if I ever wear it
  17. IT'S HAPPENING!!! Shenmue 3

    1. VladPiranha


      Between that and the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Sony had a damn fine E3.

  18. The biggest problem about New Vegas is not having memorable moment. Fallout 3, on the other hand, has so many moment like the antagonizer, the crazy tree lover, the people who believe radiation can cleanse our body, a town rules by children, the rich people, the naughty nightwear robber, vampire, a lady who collects nothing by cola, and etc For New Vegas, other than their belief system differs, there isn't really much of a fascinating world
  19. Let's fighting LOVE!!!

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      turn u should've stayed in our channel. had so much fun

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      intestinal fortitude lacks

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