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  1. The worst part of watching dreamhack is when the camera decides to zoom way in on JW's face.

    1. Pumpernickel


      Don't you mean losing skins?

    2. JackieChan


      The only person I respect on Fnatic is Olof.

  2. Some of you have seen me around and unfortunately I've been having PC issues and were unable to play anything. As it stands my CP is fixed and I'm getting a halfway decent 40fps at my new place. So that being at least playable I'm gunna be around most weeknights and even some SNC nights. It's been too long.
  3. she said she would wait for me..... Trust me slim nobody is more upset about it than me... This close to being step brothers!
  4. Late to the game, YEAH HAWKS! I wanted to come out to Chicago for the parade but my sister got married that day. What a jerk...
  5. Nuff said. never played anything before it but im always game for a new bethesda game.
  6. Just saw this on reddit, it would seem Valve has taken to selling user created mods to us. I think this goes against everything as a PC gamer. Opinions?
  7. Don't do everything without me! Two weeks and I can play video games again!!
  8. Will the real Ricky Tan please stand up.

    1. turnbullTeRRoR


      eAt MorE ChIkIN

    2. Lookback


      He caught a cab.

  9. The only one I can really think of besides The Walking Dead is The Following. It's third season is airing right now, it's about a cult of serial killers and it stars Kevin Bacon. What more do you want?
  10. Shroud from Cloud 9 isn't human....

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    2. turnbullTeRRoR


      I got kills like retaking A site if Limit used them from that demo I gave him for the weekly/monthly you tube. Maybe not exactly like that but equally waaaaaaaaaaah moment

    3. Pumpernickel


      So that's what everyone was hype about that. I missed that match ;(. Have y'all seen KennyS? He's killer with an awp.

    4. Bush


      Ptr vs lcld (teamenvy) was up there as well.

  11. Me and Slim are going to be thuggin' around town all day erry day. We are now accepting applications to join to stoop crew. I'm for sure buying this game.
  12. No way you're fitting two fully grown humans into your Miata farb lol.
  13. FFO! FFO! FFO! Best chance for me to come is the last option, which looks like a possible solution. Crasx if I can I'd probably be able to swing by Chi-town and pick up you and possible farb and whoever else is in the Chiraq area that we have room for. All up in the air but, yeah.
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  16. Noobs welcome, this will actually be pretty good practice for 5v5 comp.
  17. IS THIS WHAT FARB USES?!? WANT WHAT FARB USES I do kinda want to step my headphone quality up, I have a pair of real cheap sennheisers. I also use a broken logitech usb headset around my neck for a mic. Just like the proz. Everyone should be more like Farb. #WWFD
  18. Studio headphones and a cheap $30 desk mic. All these streamers do it and the quality for the price of studio headphones is miles ahead of what you will spend for gaming headphones.
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  20. Sometimes I lay awake at night and worry about macaulay culkin.

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    2. DiXie


      If only he were here...to feel the love. :(

    3. Slim


      dude hes still so rich, worry about me instead.

    4. BlackYoshi
  21. Fnatic paid off dreamhack admins and flusha is a hacker confirmed. #pixelgate

    1. MasterTalpa


      pics or it didnt happen

    2. JackieChan


      Flusha is definitely using aim-lock very often. Olof is using it too, but more subtly. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/csgolounge/discussions/8/624076027421576558/#c624076027502792135

  22. http://i.imgur.com/8oAV6xr.png My start, before dreamhack. I'll follow up with my returns after dreamhack is over.
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