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  1. TheHairyHungarian

    Hawks win in double ot! Hello Stanley Cup!

    Vancouver fans thought the same thing... until...
  2. TheHairyHungarian

    Extra Creditz on multiplayer blaming

    You can't fix it. Take a normal person + Anonimity + An Audience == Total jerk. All you can do is remove the worse of it from private servers.
  3. TheHairyHungarian

    Unfair Chick Ban

    Not sure how you can considering the very principle behind the ban is perception. I don't envy the admins it's not an easy job. Sit around and warn someone they're getting to far ahead they can trigger events and wipe the whole team. Remove them and you deal with this when the player perceives his rushing had a tactic. It's a Kobayashi Maru.
  4. TheHairyHungarian

    Unfair Chick Ban

    At risk of being banned from the forums not even a week after I join them I'll come to your defence. I was on the infected team when you were banned. You did enter the tunnel before the rest of your team did after the tank died to what I perceived was spawn blocking. You stopped at the end of the tunnel after you rushed through it (the large room with the ladder in it). As for her threatening us when we were in the saferoom during the team scramble. Yes there was some backtalk. The team we were on was having a great dynamic and it was very frustrating to have to be scrambled when we were having fun. That being said when it comes to scrambling chick has the final say and if she felt we were out of line she was right to warn us about it. I do believe all "backtalk" stopped after she warned us.
  5. TheHairyHungarian

    l4d3 rumors

    "there were lots of interesting things I found. L4D3 was the most interesting although it hasn't been updated in months so it may be dead."
  6. TheHairyHungarian

    Star Trek into darkness mystery

    I have done what you asked although I find it absurd that someone would enter a thread about a movie and not assume spoilers.
  7. Yes. They have the 2 analog 3.5mm jacks, one for audio (so you can plug in to your mp3 player) and the other for a mic. The mic retracts in to the headset so you don't look to nerdy walking around town. It also comes with some extension cables so you can easily disconnect from your PC to hit the road. When you say retract is it virtually seamless or does it leave a knob like when you disconnect the mic from a turtle beach headset?
  8. TheHairyHungarian

    Regarding the new plugin idea

    In my opinion I would make the infected medkits cost a lot more.
  9. TheHairyHungarian

    XBox 720 Leak?

    Except for the major fact that the system is not called the Xbox 720.
  10. TheHairyHungarian

    Regarding the new plugin idea

    I found the infected med kits to be very annoying. I guess that's the whole point though so working as intended.
  11. TheHairyHungarian

    Computer Burn Out

    Hmmm. Your computer might be fine besides the power supply. I had a graphics card blow a PSU once with the same symptoms. If you're letting your computer insurance (I didn't even know there was such a thing) handle it that's fine. But the fix might be under 200 bucks.
  12. TheHairyHungarian

    Accessing steam community games

    Type connect l4d.gcftw.com into your console. The Steam Community search box is junk at best.
  13. TheHairyHungarian

    Computer Burn Out

    A CMOS battery dying in a computer from 2007 is highly unlikely. Your data is not lost as mentioned above unless the reason for your computer's failure is the HDD crashing (you had issues with that earlier but it was a loose cable if I remember correctly). As stated above plug them into your new computer as secondary (slave) devices and once you have your new HDD with a operating system installation on it you can simply access the HDD in the file explorer and move your files over. When you say your computer won't boot up is it giving you that "INSERT BOOT DEVICE" message it was giving you earlier?
  14. TheHairyHungarian

    Graphics card Nvidia 8200

    If you have the budget for a little more expensive I would go with the gaming card of that series the 580 it greatly outperforms the 560 TI and now that it's a generation back you should be able to acquire one fairly cheap. The 560 TI is a budget gaming card. Not that there is anything wrong with that in the least and it will certainly outperform that 4850 you have.
  15. TheHairyHungarian

    Star Trek into darkness mystery