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  1. Well I can see this whole movie series going down the drain. By the time they're done with the second part of book 4, all of the actors (non-teachers) will be too old to fit their role. It'll be like the oracle in matrix 3.. it just wont feel right.
  2. I thought people had the common sense not to buy/rent straight-to-dvd movies
  3. Or those vents over the subways in NYC.. I always feel that I'm going to fall down and a train is going to smash into me
  4. Yeah, there was a news article on that. Not sure if the picture is real or fake, but they did rescue the ducklings
  5. Seph


    What is your vent channel? I'll join in.
  6. I think it was well done for a book-based movie. Sure, some of the interesting things from the books were taken out due to time constraints, but I think they did the overall plot quite well. Letting silly, small or insignificant things get to you will make it seem far worse than it is. The only thing I'm worried about is the fourth movie (the book being about as long as the entire LOTR series). I'm SURE that movie is going to flop.. they could take two hours doing the first 15 chapters of that book.
  7. Seph


    If you're seriously considering the ROC DOTA thing, I have ROC installed. We'll see what I can do with TFT if you want to play with that..
  8. Not when you realize how tard-tastic the developers are, and with every "hotfix" they make, they create twice as many bugs/exploits.
  9. So, how much money Whatever he puts down I'll add a dollar to
  10. Seph

    DFW Sux

    Yeah, that was the most random storm here.. it was bright and sunny, then it downpoured for 10 minutes and now its sunny again..
  11. Zeppelin Pink Floyd Beatles AC/DC Queen Yeah, I'm into 70's stuff
  12. welcome, I played yesterday with you. it was good fun. looking forward to seeing you on the server again!
  13. you could give it to me in that time! I can't wait to see how they impliment FvF.. it sounds awesome
  14. Seph

    Men's Rules

    Those made me lol. The rest were still pretty funny! good post!
  15. The best combo for that game was chrono-frog-robo hands down. People talk all about magus, but sadly I never got him =/
  16. Squaresoft, its for the SNES or PSX
  17. actually the default model is black, if I remember correctly. I like BF 'Nam more when I play in these things called shackbattles (think matches with 50 people on a server all with teamspeak) but those only happen like twice a month. 'Nam has too many problems that can be abused in pubs.. its just not worth it. and I need to play 1942 some more... haven't played that in a few months.
  18. Seph


    Did you try asking Mr. Thorn? I'm sure he has a few extra copies, and I'm sure its not illegal because the school has an education licence.
  19. Seph

    Ideal Job

    Alec Richards: Brain Surgeon
  20. Seph


    Seph87 gogogogo
  21. You have to pay to get an access code & download it. They say its around $3.15.
  22. Seph

    Trouble dating?

    Where'd you live in Austin? I used to live inbetween riverside and I-35.. about 1.5 miles from 6th street. Good times there on St. Pat's day and Oktoberfest (sp?). Sigh, I miss living in Texas. I find it quite funny how the people up here in NE make fun of Texas.. they don't know what they're missing!
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