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  1. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Diabetic Weight Gain

    In my line of work, when we respond to a Diabetic Emergency, sometimes the person is acting like they are extremely drunk and combative and other times they are just tired and acting normally. Two different people with a blood sugar level of 20 will react differently based on how they control their diabetes. Those who drink pop and candy to try to keep their levels up whenever they feel bad are the ones whose body does not react well to drops in blood sugar levels. Those who watch their diets and exercise as well as take their insulin when they are supposed to react very well to low sugar levels. The difference is really amazing. Those who dont take care of themselves you would swear are dying. Those who do only appear to be weak and sweaty, but are totally normal otherwise. We've had people pass out and crash their cars as well from low blood sugar. Bottom line, this is not a condition to be taken lightly. If you dont take care of yourself, the results could be bad. I gather that you are young now, but the earlier you start taking care of your body and monitoring your diabetes, the better it will be for you later on. This is a very managable disease, but only if you stay on top of it. So you need to ask yourself, how important is it that you stress your body out to gain that weight to move up a class?
  2. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #10 1/30/09

    I have sent funds to support your wedding! Congrats!
  3. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Shouldn't we have a name by now?

    What do you think the picture should be of? Someone on a computer with a circle w/diagonal line thru it? the word "Porn" with the circle diag line? the word "Fatty" with the circle diag line? I prefer a monkey with a circle diag line, but that's a DLM thing. Write down your ideas and I'll make something up. Any other idea would be fine too. What's popular in 2009?
  4. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    How do you stop forgetting things?

    I use a planner with different colored highlighters that I carry with it. Appointments I have to go to are Yellow Meetings I may or may not go to are Blue Family outings/ school appts for the kids are Orange Social engagements are Pink I have it set up so I can read a whole month at a time at a glance. I also have pages after each month where I can write down specifics for that day. Much like Fatty said, I will put everything I am taking to work "in my way" the night before, so that I wont forget it when Im all groggy in the morning. Everything Im taking to work goes on the counter by my shoes and coat. I lay out my clothes in the bathroom with my wallet, phone, etc. so its ready for the morning. Perhaps you could put the trash by the door so you'll remember it in the morning? Maybe if you had a marker board by the door, you could see tasks for that day before and after work/school. It would also be in plain sight and your GF could add things to it as necessary. Everyday tasks could be at the top and never erased, like ,"Check Garbage." NEVER go shopping without a list. And to be more efficient, just try to buy whats on the list, nothing else. If it wasnt important when you were at home and writing it, it probably isnt once youre at the store. Your trips will be quicker. I shop like Im on a covert ops mission. I get dropped at the insertion point, enter the combat zone, complete my objectives, (the list), and get to the extraction point ASAP, (the checkout counter). Hope this helps.
  5. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #10 1/30/09

    Congrats Playaa!! Post it up so's we ken sends you the $$!! Anyone interested in a Spring competition? Also, since people are reading this, check out the FragFest thread and see what you think of the idea for the theme/logo
  6. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Shouldn't we have a name by now?

    Maybe this with:FF09 NSFW
  7. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Shouldn't we have a name by now?

    Logo Ideas Gentlemen? Along the lines of this perhaps?:
  8. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #10 1/30/09

    252 I really didnt try too hard, but it kept me from eating too much. Would like to join one for the Spring , what do ya think?
  9. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #8 1/16/09 Weigh In

    252 I believe that "they" say that a healthy amount of weight to lose per week is 1 lb. Be realistic about weight loss Aim for a loss of two lbs max in weight per week. Although we all like to see the pounds dropping off quickly it is not helpful or healthy. More than that and you will just be burning up muscle rather than fat which will slow down your metabolism making it harder to loose weight long term. Weight can fluctuate for all sorts of reasons. Don't be disheartened because you've agonized for a week but the scales say you haven't. Stick with it. Full Article Here: http://menshealth.about.com/cs/obesity/a/lose_weight.htm or maybe 2 lbs.
  10. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #7 1/9/09 Weigh In

    252 started working out seriously 2 days ago. Going to use a cheese slicer on my legs to hopefully place in the top 5 by the end of this. Such a bad time of year to start a contest of this type, but its a good idea cuz i did eat less then I normally would because of the contest. Hopefully there will be a "Regain Your Honor" weight loss contest in the Spring. Also, I sent in moola to rejoin GC. If anyone affiliated with memberships sees this, could you please reinstate me? Talk to Mookie for level of membership. Sent in $40 Top Headline of the Week: Browns Have Their Man-Genie!! GO BROWNS!!
  11. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Sent in the Money! WooHoo!

    Hi All! I sent in my $40 dollars via PayPal! Let me know if you received it yet. Please send me a personal message! Thanks And Happy New Year!!
  12. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #6 1/2/09 Weigh In

    252 (insert excuse here)
  13. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #5 12/26 Weigh in?

    252 When's this competition start anyway? Let me know and I'll start losing weight. What? It did? 5 WEEKS AGO?!?! Wow, am I out of the loop......... **breaks out the hacksaw** Which limb should I cut off to win this thing, let's see.......
  14. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #4 Weigh In - 12/19/2008

    252 on Friday. Same. I dont think my family and friends want me to win because every time we visit them, they have cookies and food awaiting us. Its like theyre trying to sabotage my efforts or something.
  15. [DLM]->HighPlainsDrifter

    Week #3 Weigh In - 12/12/2008

    252 Oh , you mean this is a Weight Loss competition? my bad