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  1. Yesterday night i was playing on one of your servers and got banned for no reason. I was 2 out 10 people going back to help a teammate while everyone rushed. We made it to the safe room and right outside of the doors a guy got pulled back and he wouldnt get in.. an admin confused me for him and banned me. I am a frequent player and i know/understand the rules. Id like to get back on the server to play with friends. Thank You.
  2. So, we were playing No Mercy, 3rd map. Good game, the other team was getting all their tanks (two in this case, in the tunnel, no where to go) build up and stomping over us. Turns out, there is 4 players left, I am one of them. I die. I buy up and we are 4 people again. Two more players die and I pop some adrenalin, because I was the only main left and wanted to go for some points. We were dying in the small alleyway, everything was covered in spit, the two tanks around us blocking all entrances/exits. I either die in spit or try to get some points for this team as a main. At this point, the last main in the map to get points for the team, no way of surviving, I think you can call this justified rushing. Not that it's possible to make it far, but apparently it's worth a ban anyways. Here a few screenshots of the log http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3314956771950379975/3EA104BF51A86521F1851778162DEC0FCE2E9264/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3314956771950374696/6E3B8C53B863B3E84036AB241428EBD8F770640A/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3314956771950370681/7FC3498CF4C0A91C31873BAEA789CEAB88F24F4C/
  3. Hi, I would just like to start by saying my name is Nicholas "fLaNN" Flannery. I am a long time player of the gcftw Counter-Strike servers, this includes the Counter-Strike: Source one along with the CS:GO one. I'm not what you would call a regular. I only came & played in there maybe one day a week at best as a calm server with great hit registration, but after literal years of playing in the server spanning two entirely different games I have just seen in what my mind is one of the highest forms of abuse & a very very slippery slope to becoming an even larger admin abuser. The incident I'm referring to has happened at roughly 3:30PM CST on your CS:GO server. Word for word of what happened, no bull*** lies trying to make me look like an innocent party. Somebody in the server, no clue who, have never seen him before today. Just a random guy enjoying the server like everyone else. Dies and states, "WT F was that". In which an admin replayed "Do not swear.". Which I find understandable.. if he actually swore. I proceed to "If somebody is old enough to know what WT F stands for don't you think it doesn't matter?". I mean this is a rated M(18+) & hell the F could of stood for fudge for all the admin knows, but that's not the point. The point is a round later I find myself banned from a server I have spent literal years on, no word said, nothing. Know I don't care about being banned, that isn't even the issue. The issue is that I feel this is blatant admin abuse to ban somebody for literally stating their opinion about what the POSSIBILITY of the letter F could stand for with no warning at all. I feel like that is one step away from spawning him or herself guns and no-clipping everywhere ruining everybody's good time. That being said, like I said I don't care about being banned, even if I was unbanned at this point I don't think I would go back to playing in the server since I didn't visit it more than max two days a week. All I care about is that this sort of thing is looked into and honestly if it isn't & it's acceptable to ban people based on stating an opinion then I'm glad I was banned as I wouldn't want to come back anyway. Also in fairness to not waste anyones time I won't come back & read replies if there are any. I literally made this account to call out this abuse that I wouldn't want to see put on anyone else. On that note I hope you have a nice day & since you made it this far here's a picture of a cute kitty for your troubles. http://i.imgur.com/iVcczLn.gif
  4. I recently began to play on your Left 4 Dead servers again, and as I tried to join your servers, I said that I was banned. The only things I recall doing is accidentally rushing, and one time stacking the teams. Can you possibly help me figure out what I did to get banned, so I can stop immediately. The only other thing is that if I am a survivor and I am helping up another survivor, while everyone else has moved on, the game will say that I have been rushing. Thank you for the help.
  5. hey buddy, sorry for swearing at you. Wont happen again
  6. Hello GC community I was recently (within the past couple of weeks) banned from your cs go server without warning. I don't troll, I don't TK or grief other players, I just like to frag lol Which I'm guessing is the reason for the ban -suspected hacker- There aren't many good pubs in csgo and being banned from yours really narrowed down my playing field lol. So yeah, I've been playing counter strike (1.6/source) for many years casually and competitively and I'm 100% legit. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I get unbanned so I can play in your server again STEAM ID 1:1:19763629 EDIT* I see you guys play L4D2 as well, I'd love to get in on some of that too lol whoever plays that should add me on steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/wittcoff
  7. Something strange happened on the L4D2 server tonight. This player was connecting and disconnecting multiple times in quick succession. I don't know if he/she was trying to hack the server or it was some other connection problem. I put this person's ban as permanent just as a precaution unless someone comes up with a better explanation. I left detailed info on sourcebans. Banned on 09-06-13 at 21:41.
  8. I am posting about my ban on Poutch's account on L4D for 30 minutes. Basically what went down was someone was online playing on Poutch's account. They were not answering any of our questions or using their mic, because of this I believe it to be his son playing. He was rushing ahead, not responding to messages about rushing so I kicked him only because obviously its one of Poutch's friends or family. The player comes back in and rushes to the front again while his team is getting attacked in back, so he receives a 30 minute ban so that he can't come right back in and so that Poutch can be made aware of the problem. (Yes I know there is probably a language barrier but that is no excuse for not staying with the team) I have 2 problem's with this besides the rushing. - We have someone playing as a regular/member's name and breaking the rules with no obvious attempt to listen to the team or the admins. - We have someone who isn't a member taking a members account and getting the privileges of kicking others for a spot that they have no more right to then the person getting kicked. Poutch, you need to get your kid his own L4D account. There have been some many steam sales on L4D in the last 2 months that their is no reason for him not to have his own. You also need to make sure he understands the rules of the server if he is unable to communicate with us.
  9. Hey, i'm CristianGhost211 http://steamcommunit.../cristianghost_ Ehm, today i just enter to your server, (I'm new on this game) and i played 1 round... This happened: Tank killed CristianGhost211 (chat) CristianGhost: fu#%$ing Tank! You where banned from this server (._. ) Sorry for this, i never tried to hurt someone or do something wrong, i did't read the rules and this is not gonna happen again, please, Can u un-ban me?... This is just a misunderstanding!
  10. I was banned from your MC server because I kill The_Dude_GC he tped me to him killed me and banned me and my friend.
  11. Hai~ Fading Star here (Steam ID: # 142 1 "Fading Star" STEAM_1:1:61428869 00:20 33 0 active 20000 and I was banned around 5-6 PM EAST (4-5 Central) As the map changed, I went afk for a few seconds and came back thinking was L4D (Sounds fake even with the fact you have to !Ready to play) I got a shotgun and ran for the shortcut (No Mercy first mission) And I died, suddenly I remembered this was NOT allowed and I was breaking some rules, [R Mentos (Or something) asked who died and I admitted it was me, I take full responsibility for this action. I'm not saying I didn't deserve to be not banned, because I DID break a rule which was rush/griefing. [R] Mentos Did a good job banning me instead of letting it slide, I'm not mad at him anyways =P Main point is: Your staff member are great. Anyways, this is my first offence and I don't generaly break the rules on ANY server. But now I hope I don't get banned for a second time on any server by breaking a rule. I am sorry for what I did and I hope I can play in this marvelous server again because I really enjoy this server. Once again I'm sorry for what I did and I wont do this mistake again.
  12. Username: Wave Motion Steam ID: 76561198041778583 Hello, and thank you for reading my post. Dear Gamer's Coalition, While I was playing on your Left 4 Dead 2 server, I was enjoying myself by playing music into the mic. At the time, there were many people swearing on the other team, or at least I suspect so because the admin kept muting them. This is only important to mention as it was a distraction to any warnings issued to me (if their were any). Anyway's I was playing music into the mic because I enjoyed it and soon after, a player (All I remember was the name had "Zombie" in it) tried to vote-kick me. I then stopped. At this point i decided to be a bad little boy (sorry) and continue playing the music. As this was the first complaint I had received in about two rounds, I ignored it. The player then typed a complaint or said one in chat (can't remember which) and MaestroPG then proceeded to banning me. I now understand that playing music is, by most people, considered mic-spamming. I will now stop playing music on your servers. I understand that playing music might seem like it is fun, but it ruins the playing experience of others and is highly inconsiderate. I wish to continue playing on your wonderful, gamer friendly servers and I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused to the players of the server or the admins. P.S. Not to be rude, but is there a link to the rules I could have, so I can avoid breaking anymore rules? P.P.S. As to noose size, make it a big one so I have room to breathe P.P.P.S. The banning guidelines are quite helpful, thank you for putting time into them! -Sincerely, Wave Motion
  13. 1. VandenBosch # 25 6 "VandenBosch" STEAM_1:0:42298164 00:26 125 0 active 20000 I was banned around 9:30 I don`t know who banned me gcftw.com Left 4 Dead 2 10vs 10 versus 2. Me and 3 other people rushed in front of everybody and someone didn`t like it. 3. I know I shouldn`t have ran up a head and it my fault. 4. I am sorry that I ran in from of every body else. 5. But I still think the kid playing as a spitter should be banned for having that saggy of boobs 6. I assure you that this will never happen again and thank you for helping me Edit: Thank you guys for unbanning me
  14. "BiteThePillowImGoinInDry" STEAM_0:1:10915141 01:27 Banned today. Not sure why... If something was said to me in chat i sure missed it while playing and apologize. Hard to read and play. Been playing for awhile with no troubles. Sometimes they change my name as some are not to fond of it but depends on the admin. Would like to know more about the ban, not sure who gave it. Enjoy playing on the server. Maestro was in-game so if he can clear it up or knows what I did, Id appreciate it. Thanks.
  15. I was banned from a L4D2 server probably because my steam id was Real Muthatruckin G, (eazy e). Can I please resume my endeavors on your servers if I change it?
  16. Well, I don't know the procedure here, but I was on the L4D2 server, and I popped up as the tank, I am usually good but today i've been heavily off my game for some odd reason. Well, while going after someone I got bile bombed and subsequently could not see. I regained my vision to see I was nearly dead, and the whole survivor team had amassed waiting to kill me. Needless to say I died. Well, this immature fool by the name of "TIMES" decided to votekick me. (Yes his name was actually all caps). People have seen me before do well, and my rank atests to it, but I was successfully votekicked, and apparently that means I received a ban. I would like to resolve this as soon as possible, because I very much enjoy playing on your server. Steam Name: "Santa Lord [TNS-M]" Previously Known As: "Timelord [TNS-M]" If you need my SteamID to resolve this, I will post it upon request. EDIT: Please disregard, I am new and did not realize that these bans were so temparary, I have already been unbanned, automatically I can only assume.
  17. I'm not %100 sure why I was banned...I was playing in the GCFTW CS:S server and...I had been playing in there for about 2-3 maps in a row...then half way through playing inferno I got banned. I play Cevo-Main and am planning on playing ESEA Main next season as well...My team and I placed 5th in the Pro Division Pro-Am Tourny for Cevo just recently. I've played in the server before without any problems or anyone calling me a cheater and as far as I know, no one was calling me out for cheats or anything the whole time I was playing...I haven't had any problems with any of the GC players as far as I know either, and I've enjoyed playing on it as well..I'm not sure if it was because I was doing good...or..If I said something..? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, .PsykoK?
  18. Ermmm....we were on aztec and it was killing the server fast so we resorted to rushing bridge and nading each other a couple times to finish the map on the last round i naded my teammate and got banned...can i get unbanned plz
  19. I was on the css server ( when a hacker came in to the server. He stole my name and started aimbotting and speedhacking, a few seconds later I was banned mistakenly. Can someone please unban me? my steam id is STEAM_0:0:68110
  20. Wasn't banned by any admin, just auto-banned for team killing. Another player by the name of dreamBIG came into the server and started team attacking me and others for no reason. I attempted to switch teams numerous times, and each time he'd switch sides and continue to goad me(1 deag me in the head and continually flash me). Travisty and other regulars were in the server and were telling the dude to stop but there was no admin to be found to ban him. I tk'd him so we could get on with our rounds and was auto-banned for team killing.
  21. I was in the l4d2 10v10 server.. teams were being scrambled and i got switched to survivors and spawned in the water causing an instand death. next thing i know im kicked and banned.. for what? im a legitimatent player and ranked 346 in the server... STEAM_0:1:38960384
  22. Was playin and next thing i know i was banned. i recorded this from my console. (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player Big Pink Fluffy Bunny (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player Skyline (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player Biggs the Ninja >< (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player [FLeX] The Satanicastor (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player SirTony (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player [GFH]MrGunnsForHire (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player i am lame (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player Markie (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player JaguarFerrari (ADMIN) Skyline: banned player Captain Laserpants You have been banned by admin permanently !! No idea why. Never been warned or done anything wrong. Would just like back. Thank You FLUFFY
  23. Ok.. granted.. I went off a bit.. but I was p-od for a good reason.. Now, I would consider opening the safe room door and running out of it, before others are ready or loaded in.. to be rushing.. and kick-able. If it's not, it da*n well should be. Anyway.. so I file a kickvote for someone who did it.. and obviously they were friends with CAKE (abusive admin kicked me with reason "as*hole (minus the star)" - which is an offense according to your own rules and I expect a public appology) anyway.. they must have been friends, because even though most of us voted to kick the person, she VETOED the vote.. This kind of crap is total BULLSH** and should not be happening. PERIOD.
  24. I was trying to ban "I am lame" for team fragging, flashing and hacking, but when I was about to select his Steam ID I got flashed and banned. Either I misread his ID or my own. Ouch.
  25. So I was banned for "rushing" when others were ahead of me. Happened about 10 mins ago on Dark Carnival map after the carousel ride. Wasn't really rushing since I was with most of the team. Two teammates were in the back and after I hit the button to turn off the ride (which you have to or the horde will come non-stop) one teammate got charged ahead towards the safe room. I ran towards him to save him and thats when I got banned. Pretty lame ban in my opinion. If I was rushing, I would've been in the safe room chilling. Maybe my name was easy to ban or something. I was killing alot of infected so my name kept on coming up. Maybe that's why I got banned. Who knows. But all I know is that I wasn't rushing. I didn't even start the carousel. Someone put don't start it yet and someone started it. A teammate even got charged at the balcony and I even shot at the charger. Now I used to play on your server alot under different names. First time under my new name. I'm wondering if that's another reason also. Like in high school, nobody likes the new kids and all the old kids are cool with each other. STEAM_1:0:20370387 name: ∞6.9∞
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