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  1. And still not finding anyone to sell scrolls of identification, or having mosters drop any, I googled. Right clicking is challenging sometimes
  2. im thinking about buying d3 and looking for options on if its worth the 60 dollars or not.
  3. Pretty sure we need this. Screens if you got them; cropped to the loot itself if you can. On the ground and/or in your inventory are fine.
  4. I can make up to Square Gems if anyone needs some gems made. Perfect Gems - 2000 gold, 1 Pages of Jewelery Crafting Radiant Gems - 3500 gold, 2 Pages of Jewelery Crafting Square Gems - 7500 gold, 1 Tomb of Jewelery Crafting If anyone is interested let me know. Just bring the right stuff and three of the proper gem. If you don't bring all the required materials I can try to help you out with what I have available.
  5. You can unlock some in-game banner stuff by playing along here: http://reveal.diablo3.com/en_EU If you haven't already, don't worry. Towards the end they'll open up the previously closed stuff to let you "complete the set" as it were. My entries never seem to show up in the gallery. Other folk's goofiness has. They must hate my cat... I'll start a thread in a couple weeks to compile everyone's battle_id thing so we can hook-up in-game. Here's hoping they roll out the guild/clan stuff soon after release. A GC armory where we can easily share loots would be very nice. I realize the RMAH will change the equation for many of us; not going to begrudge anyone making bank on some sweet loot but I would strongly encourage folks to keep in mind the collaborative aspects of GC membership. It's just a game after all - share it out, pay it forward. I will.
  6. Hi guys... I'm not much of a forum poster (occasional lurker...) but I thought I'd come on to gloat and then hide in shame... One of my buddies at work has been obsessing over Diablo 3 for several months, and even planned a LAN party for this weekend. We got a group of 4 of us to plan in advance and just block out last night exclusively for Diablo 3. Anyway, we did it old-school style and got the 4 of us in a room with 4 pizzas and a couple cases of Mountain Dew. We all started brand new characters, and beat the game in essentially one sitting. We took two breaks when the servers went down for maintenance, but we basically beat the game in one 12-hour session. Then I came home and crashed for about 4 hours... Anyway, it was a load of fun, but I don't think I've ever played a video game for that long without stopping before! Anyone else do any marathon sessions? I know we weren't the first ones to beat the game... I saw reports of people having beaten the game while I was at work the day after launch before I had even logged in... I'm not so hardcore that I skipped work, but I did kind of act like a kid again, at least for 12 hours this weekend!
  7. If I am progressing in my own game, but then sometimes want to jump in and play with other people, does it erase all my progress/loot/experience if I go backwards into someone else's game? It asked me if I wanted to erase my save or something and that freaked me out. Would be cool to be able to jump around and gain xp/loot without having to get through the game too fast....wish there was more of an open world feel to the game.
  8. Since Blizzard had some issues the first few days and not everyone got the into the game at the same time and some people have been able to play more than others, does anyone want to play co-op this weekend with new characters? The people on my friends list seem to range from about, level 4 to 30, I figure starting from scratch together is a better idea. If anyone is interested let me knowww.google.com!
  9. Because why pre-order when the hunt is so much more fun. Honestly, it's mainly for the novelty aspect. The only thing of value to me would be the extra dyes and maybe the crystal USB stick. Not a deal breaker for me. Two Walmart Supercenters in town. Both received ZERO CE's. The one I went to was pretty deserted; three boxes of standard editions, mine was maybe the second they took out - no one around at all except people stocking shelves. GameStops = Two in town; not gonna bother... BestBuy = Maybe, they open at 10am; did not have the Midnight opening. Target = CE supposedly not sold in stores. Kmart = Wow, never thought of it til now. 8am opening. Walmart is handing out posters (double sided):
  10. What are you guys going to be using as your main classes? I'm thinking about going with the Witch Doctor because it's closest to the Necromancer. Maybe we can use this topic to get an idea of who will need what character loot? We will probably only have one person playing Monk (Jackie) because it looks dumb that he doesn't use his weapons, so we can funnel Monk loot his way.
  11. http://www.joystiq.com/2012/05/15/somebody-finished-diablo-3-in-12-hours/ Not I. Believe it or not I'm just about to actually start playing...
  12. POSSIBLE SPOILER IN ACT 1 Hey all, If you're playing the Demon Hunter class and encounter the Templar, do not equip him with a shield. Apparently, your game logs off per this article: http://kotaku.com/5910360/game-breaking-bug-discovered-in-diablo-iii Other than that, have fun.
  13. You may need to log in before downloading http://us.media.batt...-Setup-enUS.exe Try that link to download the installer. If that doesn't work, go here: https://us.battle.ne...wnload/?show=d3
  14. EDIT: For more important posts theres "http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/blizztracker/"
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHfyiJYIrOg&hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5Cy3GqQpaY&hd=1
  16. http://reveal.diablo3.com/en_US/ They bind to your battlenet account. I think you have a few days to go Pokemon on these; after that no more custom banners for you.
  17. Ahoy hoy! Good times soon to abound, productivity to be lost, the usual... Wanted to pin up a few basics regarding GC in D3, tags here in this forum, and other stuff. Things will undoubtedly change and this will be edited to reflect that but it's good to set a foundation before we get rolling. I) Topic Prefixes/Tags Mandatory prefixes. If you think we need more post up here and I'll jack them in. Currently: Diablo 2: Any thing for the prior game; skipping 1 for now. Diablo 3: General catch-all for whatever. Links, comics, news, etc. D3-Builds: Character builds. This is for recommendations, strategies, show-off, etc. for characters. D3-Bazaar: Want, Trade, Free, Buy, Auction. If you are moving an item one way or another use this tag. If you are looking for something, use this tag. Same if giving a pointer to an auction or what not. Also do not forget to use the tag system in general! II) GC Diablo 3 Guildhaus Yeah, ain't no such thing in the game right now. Which is a damn shame as a community item and gold bank would have been so fantastic (provided items could be locked down to members and not sold out without approval). If it happens, we are so there. I'd expect it months from now; probably post-pvp introduction. III) GC Diablo 3 Bazaar I'd like to think everyone here is honorable but the bottom line is this: If you give something away here and append the words "I would like you to use the item, not sell it" there is no guarantee someone still won't sell it. They could even say I outgrew it and gave it away to someone else. If you give it away (which I'll be doing often I imagine) you'll just have to trust the better nature of the people that hang out here. This is certainly going to apply to items that bring in cash in the D3 marketplace. Again - I encourage people to be nice and collaborate but you can only be positive of your intentions, not those on the other side of transaction. Sorry to be a downer.
  18. http://us.battle.net...ekend-4_19_2012 So I met this amazing girl last weekend and to be perfectly honest...it was love at first sight, which is insane but that's the way it is... SO OF COURSE THIS WEEKEND THERE'S A D3 OPEN BETA I ain't even mad...dm;hs...but seriously Blizzard...nice timing You guys, you guys make sure to have fun without me!
  19. I just got invited to the beta last night. Anyone else here have it?
  20. Received my Diablo III pre-order receipt for Christmas, and my new laptop for my bday!!!!! I'm installing Diablo II as I type....I think it's gonna be Feb 1 or 2!!!! I'm hopeful!!!! It's been since 2008! http://us.blizzard.c...iablo3/faq/#1_1 Mini is gonna be with me on Diablo III. Clueless might even try out a new type of game! Anyways, dunno if I'll have the time to commit hours to make multiplayer worth it to me...I hope so! Is anyone else out in GC anticipating this? (or anticipating it and happen to see this post buried down here?)
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