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  1. Was bored. Made a picture song and made it GC themed to have some fun. Sorry if you're not mentioned and apolgies for the audio quality. Only so much an old handheld camera can record: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt2qF7QdZBM Don't know how to show the video in the post, i'm sure one of the forum admins can fix that for me *Jackie edit Fixed it for ya.
  2. The most beautiful Soprano I've ever composed for https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/voice-of-an-angel
  3. My wife and I were given free tickets from work to see them. We had nice cushy box seats. Don't normally listen to them except when they come in the radio on Christmas. The concert is worth seeing once just for the light show and pyrotechnics.
  4. A new version https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/voice-of-an-angel
  5. Here's a little ditty for when you're devouring some PBJ https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/peanut-butter-jelly-rag
  6. For Chick and Tirtul https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/tlc
  7. Hey everyone, this is a.k.a. I-R-Pwnage. I have been away for a good while now trying to get my life on the set tracks for my new family and am back to enjoy some GC L4D2. Wanted to share some life altering information I have endured on, this topic is mainly for the pop/rap/hip-hop people out there, or maybe not. I have heard of many other genre music listeners have there life changed by simply changing the music you listen to. I know I may have some people disagreeing with this idea but I have seen many people agree to this. I've even heard of a kids dad stop doing drugs because of this independent group. Artist of this video is Hopsin, co-owner of Funk Volume and a very good friend. I will post one music video of them but it's up to you if you want to seek out the others as i did, it's apart of the journey. http://youtu.be/hRVOOwFNp5U
  8. After a crazy couple of months not just for myself, but for many people here, I composed this piece of music. Hope when you listen to it, you can find some peace within yourself and in someway unburden the stresses. Regards Maestro https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/the-soul-of-angels
  9. This is my 1st attempt using this software (bought it 2 days ago) will probably take quite sometime in getting to know the program properly. Until then, I'm sticking with simple pieces to begin with. Here's my first attempt - btw, this took several hours to complete. https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/shevannai
  10. I kept thinking Maestro (aka Steve Naive) was going to throw the keyboards into the crowd! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOWwN3T2xkc
  11. Oh well, I just heard this and it's my new favorite song
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ46Ot4_lLo
  13. MaRvIn


    I have done plenty of these binaural beats. They are awesome. I have noticed that a lot of people have never heard of them, so I decided to spread the knowledge. I sometimes use them before playing games and see a significant increase in my playing. http://i-doser.com/ I-DOSING IS THE USE OF AUDITORY TONES IN AN ATTEMPT TO ALTER CONSCIOUSNESS IN WAYS THAT CREATES A SIMULATED MOOD OR EXPERIENCE. THE TECHNIQUE INVOLVES PLAYING TWO DIFFERENT TONES SIMULTANEOUSLY TO PRODUCE A PERCEIVED TONE INSIDE THE HEAD, IN ORDER TO ALTER BRAINWAVES. You will need high-quality headphones, no speakers or else they don't work. There are plenty of places to get them all for free, but you can also pay for packs of them on the website. Here are some FAQ What is I-Doser? I-Doser Labs is the leading producer of Binaural Brainwave CDs and computer applications. Using proven, scientific, and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves; a simulated state can be achieved through the use of our advanced audio CDs, or the I-Doser Application, and a pair of high quality stereo headphones. Our Binaural process has been refined with years of research and development. With thousands of satisfied users, the I-Doser Labs CDs, MP3s, and the I-Doser Application for PCs continue to lead the industry as the only safe and effective method to achieve a simulated mood or experience. Recreational Simulation CDs and MP3 are collections of binaural doses on standard audio CDs or MP3s. Each audio track contains our advanced binaural beats that will synchronize your brainwaves to the same state as the recreational dose. Mixed with our advanced auditory pulses are soothing backtracks of ambient soundscapes to help the brain induce of state of mood lift, euphoria, sedation, and hallucination. I-Doser CDs and MP3s are also perfect for using with iPods, other MP3 players, or through a regular CD player. I-Doser for the PC is the most advanced computer application available to achieve a simulated mood or experience through the use of binaural beats. Use I-Doser to play doses purchased through the I-Doser Store. Each dose is scientifically designed to give you the optimal measure of pure beats safely and effectively to induce state. Every download of the I-Doser application includes two free doses. Is I-Doser safe? Absolutely! I-Doser has been tested on many people of many different age ranges and there has never been an issue with the safety of the I-Doser doses. However, for doses marked "strong or long program doses, it is highly advisable you do not operate heavy machinery or drive under the influence of a strong I-Doser dose. Use it with the same respects you would a doctor prescribed or recreational drug. Does I-Doser really work? All I-Doser doses are tested by a panel of users who consider themselves experienced in binaural beat modification. A dose is not passed on to the I-Doser Store until it is proven working by a good majority of the tester staff. We find that users of I-Doser fall into one of 3 categories: Susceptible to Binaural Beats, Originally Unsusceptible to Binuaral Beats, and Immune to Binaural Beats. This is why we include several free doses with the application, so you can see for yourself if the process works for you. Some users have also reported that it may take several uses over a period of time before they see results. We can only tell you to try for yourself. Some other things that could effect your dose are: not taking your dose in a quiet serene environment, damaged or poor quality headphones, or the volume you are playing the dose at. These issues will be addressed elsewhere in the FAQ. Before purchasing Recreational Simulation CDs or MP3s, we advice you try the I-Doser Application and Free Doses to see if I-Doser works for you.
  14. Allanon

    Summer jams

    Summer's finally here. Well it has for a little bit, but I just finished classes because my school in Chicago goes forever and I think it's time to start blasting them summertime jams. So what are some good new albums that you guys will be blasting on your Walkmen? Here's what I've been putting on repeat so far Daft Punk - Random Access Memories The Strokes - Comedown Machine Queens of the Stone Age- ...Like Clockwork Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City The National - Trouble Will Find Me Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends (Seriously give it a listen, unbelievably good) well that's all I can think of for now.
  15. Has anyone else tried Google's new music streaming service (the first month is free and then you get billed on the second month). It's really, really good. Especially if you have an android device, the playlist creator is way better than mediocre radio feature on Spotify. I cancelled after the free trial because I won't really have fast/if any internet or phone service in Yellowstone but I definitely plan on renewing when I'm back in the city. Seriously it's awesome. SJ do you still use Rdio?
  16. .......with General and Maestro we present to you a re-mastering of an orchestral piece 'The General'. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/peter-magic-fingers/take-2-the-general
  17. Tsunami has modded her L4D file to play Slayer music during the Dark Carnival concert finale. This is what i think of that :
  18. Basically, if people have been on my team sometimes, they've heard me refer to the "missus", the woman in my life basically, and while complicated, I do care about her a lot She's a musician in college at the moment, and she's been offered a place at University for September, but no matter what she does, she can't seem to get publicity on covers and the like, almost as though people don't care that she's trying her hardest It'd help her a lot if you could listen to the following video, give it a try, and see what you think, I don't mind if you don't like it and comment negatively, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't troll it specifically because of the trolling I've given you ladies in the past Anyway, it's a bit of a shameless plug, but I'm trying to help her as much as I can, and I know you guys (even nubs like the Dude) may be able to help, so yeah The picture is a still taken of her at a college gig, and this is her professionally done cover of this song (she has an unedited one on the channel too if that's more what you prefer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81l5d07ZKA8 Cheers for your time ladies, and I'll be seeing you ingame shortly
  19. Anyone into metal here? How bout 8-Bit synth? https://www.facebook.com/drzilog Someone I know has been doing this for quite a while now, you should check it out! Just dropped: http://drzilog.bandcamp.com/album/vulgar-fractions <He's going to re-upload a couple songs as they've gotten messed up somehow so wait to buy this one until later tonight or check his FB for updates.
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