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Beta Phase 2 starting


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:) and that puts me one step closer to open beta


enjoy man, tell how it is, i havent heard much feedback except reading the WoW forums from time to time and you have to dig through all the garbage in those forums to find anything worth reading anyways. enjoy

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that violates your End User Lisence Agreement! Your in trouble if they find out :-p your not even supposed to let people play at your house

Oh, I know, and don't care, I don't play it, and I don't care what happens to it :),

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open beta WILL NOT be for a while... there estimating another 5 months of beta testing so and open beta will only be used to test server capacity. so open beta will be like the last 2 weeks of beta

That's odd, they havent shown any estimated dates on the private beta boards :huh: They are taking it slow and making sure everything is rigth from the start. They are a ways off still. They just increased the lvl cap to 39 yesterday. They didnt raise it to 40 because at 40 is when some classes get plate mail armor and then you can also get mounts to ride and 40 is when you are suppossed to choose your hero class. So they have a lot to implement before they increase the lvl cap again. Overall though the beta is very very solid. Typically about 1000 people on the beta server and no lag for the most part. When the server does lag it usually shuts down completely or crashes so it isnt so much lag as it is being down. A very solid PvE game so far I am just waiting to see how the PvP turns out.

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is leveling just as possible solo as in a group ? hows your PC run the game at what settings ? Is the game pretty easy to pick up on and indulge into once you start ?

Game runs great on my PC.


Athlon XP 2800+ Barton

GeForce 4 TI 4400

1 GB PC 2700 DDR RAM


Easy to pick up.


Soloable for sure up until lvl 15, not sure about that because I am not there yet :P

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hey, im rackishs friend that takes up all day playing it :)

anyway the game runs great on my comp, no lag unless theres tons of people playing in one area or the servers are funking up


radeon 9600 pro 128mb

1gig ram



i have a level 21 undead warlock and its GREAT i soloed for a long time, up till around level 16, i was still able to solo up till lvl 20 but it was much easier in groups. level 20 is when you need groups, especially for a warlock.


very easy to pick up, ive seen SWG played but havent played it any in depth. i was able ti figure out alot of stuff just by playing, and of course im a HUGE fan of warcraft and bliz so i found out all i could about WoW.

as of now the servers are moderatly stable with only a few crashes here and there.

GM's are very helpful, if theres a serious issue like monsters not respawning, the GM's will restart the server right away for you.

Theres kind of alot of bugs, but its beta so thats to be expected, occasionally you can find mobs flying(walking in air) back to their spawn point, and some quests dont work.


all in all so far, a REALLY good game, makes you always want to push for that level up without getting you too addicted(the rest system helps in that respect). for a warlock, you start off with an imp summon, level 10 you get to summon a voidwalker, lvl 20 you get to summon a succubus and so on. of course it doesnt make it as easy as just learning the summoning skill, you have to do quests for each one, the quests differ depending on where you get them from(the warlock in orgrimmar or the warlock in udnead city etc)


i love this game and cant wait till retail comes out!

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