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Mental Disabilities


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TaPe,Nov 22 2002, 01:21 AM]
Is it wrong for me to try and share that with others? It only offends if people dont understand.

Offense is in the eye of the beholder. Put yourself in his or her shoes and think about it for a minute. When you try and convince somebody who doesn't want to be convinced, of course they won't appreciate it. When you answer their questions with what you know, without forcing beliefs on them, they will be much more understanding. A major 'problem' I see with many religions is the entire convertion belief being taken too extreme - you don't have to convince everybody that you are right and force them to accept your beliefs... wait, you shouldn't force your beliefs on other people.

well if you really belive what you are saying about people trying to froce there beliefs on people then wouldnt hambone be doing the same thing with his in your face posts about an unproven theory? (evolution) i just dont see how any other group of people that belive somthing can shove it in your face but if we try in love to tell them what we belive cause we think it would help them we get bashed.




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