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Looking for people to game with


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So my brother is on Shadow Moon but i dunno if i want to play with him because he is 60 and is kind of an.. not gonna say it



but if someone wants to play with me on any server and can help me out because i cant lvl alone.. takes me forever, but if someone is with me, i lvl like no other!


so... someone leave me a message or something and .. yeah.. (kinda want someone to play with basicly)




AKA ShadowDog

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There is a bunch of us playing on the anvilmar server (alliance) we have been

playing for a couple of weeks though & everyone is starting to lvl pretty good.

Shep & Shazz are almost lvl 40 i believe. If you want come join us. If you want my

opinion start a priest character. Priests are in high demand!

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It's a normal server. We made our own GamersCoalition guild and we have about 14 members. I'm guessing people apart of GC are veterans, or at least are coaltion status... And everyone who is availiable is... shouldn't say is.. should be willing to help you grow levels higher. I am willing too even if I'm only level 28 and I'm not busy grinding/questing.

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i am resubscribing now. i only have my main 53 hunter, i had another 50 hunter on a diff server but didnt feel like re rolling when i switched servers way back. go figure, i am going to be moving my char from pvp to pve for a hopeful guild spot.


althought, i wouldnt mind playing with you guys on an alt.


Jiffy18 = xfire

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I started a character (Qingdoa) last week on Baelgun.

Yeah Bushmaster I completely forgot my bad!!!! I got your tell

just as we started the fight with romeo & juliet in Karazhan. By the

time we had finished I had completely forgot. I had to relog because I

was have user interface problems, & forgot your handle when I

came back on. Sorry bud, my bad!! I'll IM you when you come in.

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Man that's kinda depressing I just quit playing WoW too, haha, I have a 70 Gnome Warlock - Aldoding, 70 Dreanei Shaman - Edage, 70 Undead Priest - Booky, 37 or 38 Blood Elf Rogue - Nedaria, and a level 25 or 26 Tauren Warrior - Edander over on Feathmoon (RP realm) been on that server for 3yrs... it was one of the release server's I left really because the server is to rich for me, AH cost is increbily high, great for money making, but bad for buying stuff for low level toons, now many low level's on the server either anymore.


Then of course you have some of the hardcore guilds on the server that are server first raid's and pretty close to World first in raid clears, so it started to get depressing, haha

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