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We played the Gun Game Thursday night and it went much differently then I was expecting. I played it on another server two days ago, before I played it on GC. I think I like the way they have it set up a bit better then how it is set up here.


On their server it worked more like death match. You respawned after you died. This makes the game much faster paced and too me, much more fun.


Another thing they did was they had the weapons in the opposite order, which I think works better. You start with the AWP and get a lower weapon every time until you are down to the Glock, then a grenade, then a knife. On GC this works the other way which feels unbalanced to me. Lets say for example you take a crummy player like me and then take another player who is reasonably good. We both start with the Glock, they kill me first and they are onto the next weapon (I don't remember which gun it is so I will say the USP), now they have the USP (a better weapon) and I still have the Glock. Since they killed me with the Glock when we both had it, they must be a better player than me. Since the USP is better than the Glock AND they are a better player than me in the first place, they will probably kill me again, recieving the next weapon and so on. It would only keep getting worst every level. If I have the MAC-10 or something they will already have the AK, or the M4, I wouldn't stand a chance.


The better player should have WORST weapons than the lower level players to balance the game out. If you take an amazing player and give them a Glock they could take out a crummy player like me with no problem, even if I do have better weapons like the MP5 or Desert Eagle. It's much more rewarding to be going down the weapon chain and still be able to kill people than it is to be getting better weapons and pummeling people with crappy weapons.



This isn't entirely related to how the game is played, but can the gg_factory map be removed? It has some major shader problems with the player models and other parts of the map. It also seems more often than not the CTs hang out in the stair case while the Ts blast them through the doors and windows, this is how it seemed to me anyway. Even if you don't remove this map, could maybe gg_overpass, gg_fy_bupool-m, or gg_aim_ag_texture_jungle-l be added?

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Your talking about a reverse deathmatch gungame. I've played many many games of gun game, and when i first played this one I was like ohhhh cool...then after like 3 more rounds i began to hate it. In the original type of gungame the time for the "worse players" to catch up was when the "better player" were on nade and knife, and I've always felt that that works best. My favorite type of gungame is turbo gungame with knifepro, in this type you get the next gun immediately upon a kill, and can steal levels from other players by knifiing them thus gaining you a level and losing them one. The only levels you can't skip with a knife kill are nade and .... knife(that sounds weird). Most servers also bump up late joining players levels based on that person's server rank the higher the players rank to worse gun they start with no matter what level the other players are on, but in most cases gungame servers have a much smaller playerbase then an open pub like gc so i'm not sure how that part would work on a gc server. Gungame is good fun, but sometimes its just as frustrating as fun.


Oh and gungame with awps involved in the rotation is lame. :luxhello:

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I love gun game, but for the love of all things holy, don't let it turn into a "who can hide in a corner best" map


it's supposed to be FUN. Go out and try to kill someone, have a good time, don't cower in the staircase 'cause you're afraid to die and not get a level.


That's like....well, I can't think of a good analogy, but it's sucking the fun out of it for everyone else. Don't be a big sissy, go out and shoot someone.





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I didn't know there was so many types of Gun Games. The one I was playing on the other server must have been the knife one because you could steal people's levels. It starts with the AWP and goes to the machine gun. It's really not that bad with the AWP because you only have it for the first 10 seconds, you only need two kills with it. I think we all know how easy the AWP is to use. :D


I wouldn't mind factory so much if the Ts started in a staircase too or there was no stair case at all. The doors open so slow it's suicide to go out of them at the starting of the match because all the Ts aren't behind doors, so they see you right away. There's also spawns where you can see the opposite team and line them up during the freeze time (but if it was death match rules this wouldn't be a problem. :)). Also if it was death match I wouldn't have a reason to hide in the corner, I would run out like a crazy man shooting as much I could because I know I would spawn in 5 seconds and not have to wait 2 minutes for some slow people camping in opposite corners of the map. The shiny models and cardboard boxes also drive me crazy.

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Normal/default GunGame goes through basically all the guns (except awp, g3, sg550) in buy menu order: pistols, shotguns, smgs, rifles, para, ascending by price through each category.


On the whole, we haven't played a lot of GunGame on Recrud; at this point I'd say we're still sampling options. We've tried turbo, but not reverse. I don't think turbo deathmatch is on the table, both because of the way it changes the game and because it seems most prone to having problems with VALVe updates. Knife pro was off initially, but will probably stay on since it isn't detracting much if anything from the game.


If anybody has specific maps to try out that'd be great; I don't play CS much on other pubs so I really don't have an idea of what good maps are out there.

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