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Chivalry Midieval Warfare


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Dark age FPS / Multiplayer Game. Its all hack,slash, and stab with ranged weapons of the time period as well. Its straight up fighting no magic what so ever. I know FX has played it. I play with with my buddy ion-ripper, but would love to team up with others. If your a fan of the genre its worth the price.


If you're in GC and you play it add me on steam- turnbullTeRRoR.gc Don't know if there is competitive matches but would be fun if you can scrim on it.


ps posted in both the FPS and RPG/Action/ Start cuz I'm not sure where it belongs lol



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ITS a FPS their is no collecting or selling its modes are Free for All(death match) Last Team Standing, Objective Based, and Duel matches. You have 4 classes Archer/ Vanguard (polearms /large weapons) Kight, and Milita Faster/ less armored





Each class has a variety of weapons to choose from ( you have to unlock a lot of them by getting a # of kills with its weaker variants)

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true its hard to be patient. I rage alot to lol but think its better with friends Me and Rip watch each others backs in all formats even free for all untill we are alone the we duel. If some one comes up behind him while we're dueling I let him know through vent. Lol we turn on that guy kill him then continue dueling :P

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I can't remember the last time a game made me laugh so hard. It's simple, fun and most of all just flat out hilarious if you aren't taking it too seriously. A few friends and I play it regularly, will send you a friend request on steam if you want to join us, Steam already says we were in the same server for a while yesterday lol.

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