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  1. NOFX

    Hi guys

    I think it was about 20 years ago I found the Mmmm cs server. The nostalgia here is strong.
  2. Whats up my dudes... 8757
  3. I stop by here occasionally to reminisce... I haven't fired up CS in forever. If you did another SNC, I'd try my best to join in.
  4. Also. www.gamerscoalition.com forwards you to a 404
  5. Well this is weird. I still stop by here often just to be nostalgic about the old days.. cool that you are still keeping it up.
  6. Was just thinking about the good ole days of CS the other day. I lurk around here on occasion. Seems like the gc dischord channel is where everyone hangs out rather than the forums.
  7. NOFX


    I'm playing.. best game I've played in a while.
  8. I'll look you up on steam. I roll with an NC group on matherson
  9. beefcake... I was going back and reading through these tech forums yesterday. It was so active back in the day. You could post a system like this and tons of people would chime in, now its 3 weeks since this was posted and no one has replied. Ahh the early internet days... these were the only forums I used.
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