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A Tainted Victory (Year of Membership Competition)


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First Beth, you have to actually not be bad ;)


Yortz is doing the right thing, going only after me, but a couple of the kills have been... frustrating at best. Being charged to death in front of nine other survivors is rather irritating when people could just help you out, and I died earlier on Dark Carni when I was black and white for 30 seconds or so, asking for points twice (as a main too), and being completely ignored until a charger kills me :(

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Hmm. Is this competition still active? If I recall correctly Tainted.. The jolly ol' chap fell to Gandalf twice yesterday. Must I dump the video of the deaths as they happened yesterday here?


I write down each death as it happens on a little notepad I keep on my desk, and I forgot to update it last night, but it's all sorted now :P


Had plenty of deaths during today's game of Dead Center and Parish, but it was great fun

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We should establish this competition as an official tradition.


What I mean is that the winner of this competition can end up being the "prey" to us for the whole month in the next competition. If Yortz wins, it would be his turn to die by us next time. After that competition ends, the winner of this one gets to do the same for next time by being the victim. It would be like a running cycle every few months or so in the servers.


The next "prey(s)" for the following competiton(s) could just choose whichever month one feels would have the most available time to play. That way, we can get more chances to kill the victim :)

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I know I'm a bad guy. To think that a guy named Gandalf would behave the way i do.. Why do I have this name? Lol..  When I win this competition I'll give the membership to a known member. I'm not the wealthiest guy here, nor am I trying to pretend like I am. Hell Dreamz well such a nice guy he bought the year membership that I'm presently on. Fate has brought the several good jobs my way. So unfortunately I won't be harassing the people on the server as much. Yes people.. My reign is over. I feel like a living dinosaur now. With Peanut about to be out of all the top 10's my quest I set out on so long ago is over. I'll be working within 2weeks, but enough of this I've gone way off script. I'll try my rear end off to win. Get ready for the try hard TAINTED, and I'll give the membership to someone I feel will enjoy for the year to come as much as i would.

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