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Prayers for my mom

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Just an update:


My mom and I have parted ways as far as communication (it's a long history).


She started chemo about 6 weeks ago, and they found another stop 2 weeks ago.  She's decided to stop her chemo and let her cancer run it's course.  I think you all for the love and prayers.  

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So it's been awhile since I posted, mainly because my mom and I don't speak. Yesterday while driving with my sister-in-law I found out that my mom is down to 82 pounds, back in may before we parted ways she had planned on stopping her chemo but became a fighter, but last week her levels were back up and her cancer isn't getting better. She told my brother she wouldn't make it past Christmas.


I'm not posting this to bum anyone out or anything. It's just a reality now and idk if I'll ever get to talk to my mom again. Our fight was the worst out of all we've ever had. I just want to talk to her so I can say I'm sorry. I did text her just so she knew I was sorry for the things I said.

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