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Buff AWP Or leave it the way it is?


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In all seriousness, regulars who play the server I want to hear your voices relating to this topic. Despite the reason it was nerfed, the AWP is way TOO nerfed. The AWP went from being the 2nd/1st most played gun in the server to being the VERY last. Seriously, people will buy a silenced uzi, any assault rifle, and any other sniper rifle for that matter rather than use this version of the AWP. People would rather use the DEAGLE over the AWP. Ask yourself when was the last time you played AWP was, and why you don't play the AWP, and why you don't see other players using the AWP. 

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GC Board Member

AWP only needed an ammo count nerf to be balanced.

e.g. 20 -> 10 bullets / mag

Only a few players could perform better with an AWP than an AK in the past, considering the difficulty of landing shots on moving targets like rocketing specials. You'd get one chance to land the shot or you missed your chance, whereas other weapons like Hunter/Military or AK/M16 you get plenty of chances to land the shot(s) you need.

My opinion:

AWP should do 250 damage - therefore 1 shots spitter and boomer anywhere, smoker and hunter in the chest and head only, and requires multiple hits to kill jockey and charger.

Should have 10 - 15 bullets / mag, 10 would probably be best.


Alternative method of balancing would be increasing AWP bloom while moving/jumping.

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GC Server Admin

never used an awp  AK  is a better weapon to protect your team mates and kill common infected I care my about protecting my teammates as opposed  my point count  Get rid Of CSGO weapons is my vote

If you want to use CSGO weapons  go play   CSGO ?




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From what I've seen over the years, the AWM has been rarely used by anyone outside of an elite few who were outstanding shots anyway.  Virtually everyone uses the AK if given a choice.  Those who like it will probably continue to use it, while everyone else will continue to do what they're already doing.  If anything, buying laser sights is what really throws the weapon tier list into chaos.  That's when the M16's accuracy advantage fades and the AK truly supplants sharpshooter weapons meant for long range shots, especially against airborne targets.  Luckily for me, the SPAS12 remains the most effective weapon in spite of alcohol intake.

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