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  1. Hopefully this will make the source games go faster in some areas. I know in CS:S sometimes it doesnt even use 100% CPU usage.
  2. Not a big deal... AMD is a great company I am sure they will make the right decisions :-D
  3. Happy Birf (thats my ghetto talk)
  4. Yea, the server seemed kind of bare when I went in the other day. I havent even been using my reserve slot! I want my money back! haha
  5. I would go for something with a DVI-D input. This one is pretty good I hear: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824014105
  6. Upgrade now, even if DX10 came out tomorrow... you probably wouldnt see it in a game for at least a year (or in most games)
  7. Best way to find out your maximum OC is to first turn down your HTT frequency, and your ram divider, so your ram runs at the slowest speed. Then you kick up the voltage on the CPU and then keep trying higher and higher speeds. Once you find out a good speed, do the opposite with your ram and see what you can get on the ram. But remember if you increase the FSB you need to increase the voltages, loosen ram timings, and lower the HTT frequency. It may sound like a lot but it gets easier as you do it more.
  8. Gonna freight a package of coins to fatty when your membership is due? :-D
  9. thats the heatsink I use. It works well and ever kept my CPU cool while it was overclocked.
  10. Yep, good time to upgrade :-D too bad for my 2 friends who upgraded last week.
  11. i think if you just disable file and printer sharing on the wireless it will automatically use the lan for that.
  12. if you go into your network connections and right click on the wireless connection and go into properties. then unlick the check mark next to file and printer sharing. that should work.
  13. Northern, just cause its close. I think it would be nice to try northern cali first and then try southern cali next time and see what works the best. I think this lan would be real fun if it works out. I have never been to a lan before so I think this would be awesome if it works out.
  14. i just recently sent in a 120gb hard drive to maxtor and they sent me a 160gb... score!
  15. linksys wrt54g, but john will say a netgear wgt624 but i say both are equally good :-D
  16. or they accidently left a container of cordite on it.
  17. I have used the Logitech Z-680's for a while and I really like them. This is the newest model of them: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16836121120 or you could go with Klipsch: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16836119106
  18. I would try pbnation.com and post it in the for sale section. Not sure how much you will get for it but I know the I-Frames can sell for a bit.
  19. Sometimes for some reason I have to set (in my sound card settings) to record the mic port, or else it doesnt work in teamspeak. But anyways does it not work like in terms of working in programs or if you unmute it, you cant even hear yourself?
  20. The new AM2 socket CPUs are supposed to be pretty nice. There are some articles about them I would read before making a decision to upgrade.
  21. HAHAHA! well looks like the sharks are going to be defeated by the oilers as well. Im looking forward to those pictures though!
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