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  1. Man, I really haven't been on much lately. Thanks guys!
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    Whoa! Member No. 15! I am a total newbie compared to this guy! (Well, and to many others) Hello there wilco, nice to meet ya.
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    Cool Site

    Is the main link dead? I can't seem to access the quiz!
  4. Damn, you guys are probably right. First of all, I am overclocking. My dad and I built the same computer, but for some reason, he can over clock his a ton more than me, and not have any heat difference. (We tested out our overclocking with a program called Prime 95) So I am not overclocking very much, but already I am above the basic heat level. Also, my room gets very hot, the the hottest in the house. And lately it's been getting really hot out here (San Diego.) And, unfortunately this is my fault, I really need to clean out my filters... I think, sadly, all these factors have culminated into this. I just hope I can fix the problem rather get a new video card... Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it.
  5. Hey guys, this is my first post in the section, and unfortunately, it's because I have a problem. I am not sure if I have DL'ed a virus or similar malicious file unintentionally, and I don't think I could have, given I haven't downloaded anything since Naruto Shippuden 18, heh. Though I have streamed from several sites. Anyway, I was playing CSS, then suddenly my screen goes entirely black. I had windows media player going, and this seemed to continue fine, however I could not pause it with my G15 keyboard anymore. I also could not bring up the Windows Task Manager, nor switch between programs with Alt + Tab. It is possible that I could, and that the pitch black screen was blocking this. I then manually reset my computer, upon reset, at that the very initial start up screen there were/are blue columns, that look like blocks of blue lines streaking down the monitor. Then on the next page of start up, random characters are jumbled around on part of the list. Then when windows finishes, and I am actually using XP, I have blocks of these blue and green lines in a similar pattern as when it initially starts up. In addition, it has changed my resolution to the default setting, and my the computer is running much slow from task to task. I have a picture of what it looks like whilst running XP. (It is attached) I have run McAfee virus scan which found and "quarantined" if that really does anything, 15 items. Any help/advice/empathy is greatly appreciated guys. gsg.bmp
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    That was very impressive indeed. But the cs_italy is still my favorite opera performance... Okay, most nostalgic.
  7. this is great... "What the heck [sic] is aluminum falcon?"
  8. Wow, I have been mapping since I was in middle school and have been thinking about doing my school(s) since then also. My friend and I have always thought it was be cool to play CS/Half-Life in our Middle School and High School. Glad I never got around to finishing the projects, I guess! And here I was contemplating mapping SDSU... lol * * * Now that I have read the article...wow, how can they be so ignorant? The first comment on the article pretty much sums up my opinion on the matter. * * * By the way Mav, that was a beautiful e-mail, bravo, bravo!
  9. Not to flame or anything, but you technically just proved my point instead of refuting it. Think about it this way, comparing it to human evolution. Quake can equate to Homo Erectus and Half-Life can equate to say Homo Sapien in this way yes Half-Life is based on Quake, but it is, in fact, a new species, or a new game. Just because you use the same base engine doesn't mean your game has to be the same!!! Maybe this was a bit too confusing, but I am sure you can still see how "reverting to old standards" is actually devolving. But really this is just an argument over technical terms, whether you call it devolution or reverting, it results in the same thing, and that is simplified gameplay. Counter-Strike was clearly not designed to be another Quake, and it should not become that way. This is my thesis.
  10. Something has really disappointed me about the evolution of counter-strike. You can see it evident in the very maps Bewildered just suggested. What am I talking about? The reduction of multiple objectives. In the original counter-strike there were four official map types, cs, de, as and es. While es I have never actually played on a server, though I had played a couple maps and also made one myself. Es therefore seems to have died first. I have also made an as map, and it was also quite popular on the server it was hosted on. as_tundra and as_oilrig were also two great as maps. But as is no longer an official or supported objective in CSS. And now even hostage rescue maps seem to be losing popularity. Just look at the make up of maps suggested above. 10 of 12 maps are demolition! That statistic alone is ridiculous. My thoughts are that CSS is devolving, instead of being a team-based objective orientated game, it has focused more and more on the deathmatch aspect. Just look at the recent developments such as Gun Game, Zombie Mod, and hey, Deathmatch mod. These mods just support my theory. This is lame! Can we not rally support for semi-intelligent and cohesive gameplay once again? Something must be done!
  11. As did, I liked it a lot. I sometimes wonder too if sprinkling a custom map here or there and slowly phasing it into the rotation wouldn't be a bad idea. In my opinion, it's very easier for the rotation to get old when you're only play 3 or 4 maps, and even 5-8 maps can get old. But then again, some people have no problem with playing iceworld 24/7.
  12. Damn, you're tough man, good to see ya stickin' it through! Rock on! Glad to see you back too, hopefully you can stay here! Welcome back!
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    Finally! Finally! Someone who feels the same way I do! Mookie, you're my hero, I don't know how many times this has bugged me and even tinkleed me off!! Another thing that irritates me is how many times people use "common" for "come on", c'mon people, it's c'mon!!!
  14. I started in earnest in 1.5 However, I was a TFC'er for a long time before that. When I was younger, I had an interesting habit...I used to not have suitable internet for on-line play, so everytime I would beat a FPS, I would always just run around and explore all the multiplayer maps. (Probably related to my love for design and mapping and such). But then came Soldier of Fortune, I beat it, and proceeded to do the same thing, but this time, people joined my server! I was so excited. That's also where (I think about 10 years ago now?) I first started calling myself Assassinator. Anyway, when I beat Half-Life, I played DM for awhile, then got into TFC about a month later, I played that a couple years before finally deciding to try out this CS thing people were all abuzz about. Been hooked ever since. And that's my story!
  15. We talked about several results of mutations in Anthropology, such as Autism and William's Syndrome...it's amazing the amount of change a mutation of only a single or a couple base pairs in the DNA can make! But this is what I have to say: wonderful brain, horrible teeth.
  16. I really appreciate the...well, appreciation guys! Glad I could make something decent!
  17. Yes, definately, I just played a little yesterday and three people joined within about a half hour. Also SJ, I realized I was a little late, I hardly ever visit any forum besides Chit Chat and I have been rather dormat the past few months anyway (school!).
  18. As I said in my post about it earlier, very nice!
  19. I'd just like to say I think the new homepage for GC looks fantastic! Great job!
  20. I am getting dissapointed...in regards to West...this is becoming just like Snakeden (loki/Lao/alvin knows what I am talking about). What's the deal? Immut was the only server I played on...and now it's dead. I came on the other day just to see it was turned into a gungame server, which of course was an immediate sign of failure, sadly. My question is this though, is there a history of a latency during the so-called offseason? What I mean, since it's not summertime yet, the majority of CS players (highschoolers) are still "busy" with school. I wonder if this effects server traffic much. If there is research/data on past years traffic flows this should definately be studied and a conclusion drawn!
  21. Yeah, it's funny, I figured out the pink thing about 1 minute after I posted about it...lol.
  22. Am I stupid or just blind? What's the bridge in number 40, a skip?
  23. Dang, you got me fatty... the first thing I did was go to the 7th letter in ALPHABET, but since E isn't one of the selections, I choose the real 7th letter.
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