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  1. Hah, I lived there too, tho technically at Brooke Medical.
  2. Dash cams in Russia seem fairly standard. All kinds of video from them over at http://englishrussia.com/, crazy country.
  3. Yea, sorry I was there I should have muted/gagged him.
  4. Heh, first world problems at it's finest.
  5. amertrash

    Yo Yo Yo

    Hrm, Andros another regular was having that problem wtih CS:GO, but I haven't heard back since he rebooted.
  6. amertrash

    Yo Yo Yo

    Think the main game is L4D2(Like crazy), the GC:GO server usually fills up everynight too tho if you're looking for that.
  7. Windows 8 vs 7 Gaming review Only four games, still better than nothing. Those on AMD Bulldozer/Piledriver CPUs should certainly upgrade but that isn't much of a surprise since the Windows 8 scheduler is aware of their organization and cache hierarchy. Frames are about the same, but Windows 8 certainly seems to have less stuttering issues dependent on whether it's nVidia or AMD video.
  8. I would most certainly pick a different power supply - your components total up to roughly 310W, not sure what you need 1050W PSU for. More importantly I'd doubt that 'Kingwin' could put out anywhere near to 1000W I'd suggest picking a PSU that has a well known and tested brand name like Antec, Enermax or PC Power and Cooling. This sits in the same price range, still has enough wattage to run CrossFire with ease, and comes with a 5 year warranty(from a company that usually has 24 hour turn around time on RMAs). I'd also pick the 7850 2GB over the 6870 - it's gonna run cooler, will be a bit faster all around, has 2G of RAM which is becoming rather useful for a lot of newer games, supports DX 11.1 and WDDM 1.2, and will have better future driver support since it's built with AMD CGN. I'd spend the extra $15 and get this HDD which will give you SATA 6G(Bit a moot point since the board you picked is a B75 - only a single 6G port on that chipset), features double the cache, and a is a current drive(all of the 1.5TB HDD have been dropped from production).
  9. Hrm, looks like it already exists FK, doesn't use the Gmaps API, but a similar one.
  10. Hey Biggs, no Gohome plugins, and the /plugin command no longer functionse. Not sure if the update removed it or bukkit is broken, as the /help doesn't show help for CoreProtect or GoHome
  11. Cool links stutters. slashdot.org and Hacker News usually will have major CDN outrages posted at the top quickly.
  12. Remember Disney owns Marvel too, so maybe 7 will have Iron Man and Thor in it too!
  13. Yea just uber cheap at $46. I would say if you're looking at a Chromebook, look at a Nexus 7 Tablet too. It has the happy 4+1 cores Tegra 3 CPU plus 12 GPU cores and is built exceptionally well and priced the same.
  14. So I'm apparently way late to the game, but this little thingcosts some $46, keyboard, 7" screen, ARM CPU, 512M of RAM. I wasn't even aware Windows 7 Embedded had ARM CPU support. Looks like there is an Android distribution for it that makes it useful and gives you a rather low-end but still extremely cheap tablet with a keyboard. Maybe a good gift for the kids?
  15. Probably to stop people from cheating using things like the slime finder
  16. I haven't played in awhile, but last I checked just pressing F3 for the diagnostics panel will show the seed for everyone, may have changed now.
  17. The online java finder appears to still be functioning.
  18. At least you dont have his job
  19. Ugh, had a client that had their server die with no SQL backup for their CRM... gotta do imports from a bunch of randomly formatted CSVs, not gonna be a fun day.

    1. Cinkadeus


      oh my... I'm sorry, man. That IS going to suck. I can just hear the meeting in my head where they said, "Nah, we won't need a backup."

    2. Flitterkill


      GC has off-site sql backups automatically done. That and I grab a sql dump myself every now and then.

    3. amertrash


      Yea, we don't do IT services for this client, they have some local yokels. We just do CRM(Sugar) and ERP(Sage MAS 90). About 6 hours with awk and sed and done. Nice $700 bill to close the month with :P

  20. Because the Surface Pro is a just a PC - it can run the same software as your desktop PC, the non-Pro Surface can't. Maybe, but from what I gathered the new features use the new WDDM 1.2, so maybe not.
  21. rofl, java bad shift. Biggs/Fk, can we get mcmap.gcftw.com to point to the proper location again, it still points to the old IP.
  22. lou, the RT version is supposed to start at $499. It runs Windows 8 RT with an ARM CPU - it won't run x86/x64 software and only applications out of the Microsoft store will be allowed. The Surface Pro is gonna be something like $1,200 and won't launch for another 3 months and it's just a straight up PC in the same format, running Windows 8.
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