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  1. Just send them to me via dropbox link
  2. I am going to stray away from the topic at hand a bit. WHY, do members have these abilities!? Is that issue going to be addressed? Shouldn't it already have been addressed? Are we going to let anyone buy membership and run a muck on the server? That is the end of my question spree have a good day.
  3. Give me the map files for toyfort and lazytown. I looked and couldn't find anything for them. We have map voting set-up and everything. But, give me maps that you would like to see taken out of the rotation. Probably CP will be taken out because its fast and small. KOF is a better way to go. Also, instead of Pay Load I was thinking Pay Load Race.
  4. We just had a fun night of playing and some people were suggesting a few changes to make for the server. This fun great place is where you can post them all!
  5. Looking forward to see what they are going to do with it.
  6. I would be playing it, but I am supposed to be working on TF2. While, since the new update for MC came out I have been really playing nothing but that...priorities really need to get the in order.
  7. I apologize for not being there. My work schedule has been all funky lately. We can try again this Saturday and I will try and get around to creating a signature banner to use around places to let people know about the server.
  8. MaRvIn

    Reserve slots

    I tested it the other day, works good.
  9. Restart would be awesome!
  10. Both of those mods are out of date to the MC/CB versions we would be running. Grief Prevention: 7.8-beta-b282 for CB 1.7.2-R0.3 Mar 02, 2014 Block Own: v2.0.2a for CB 1.7.9-R0.1 Jun 26, 2014 EDIT: I could be wrong about Block Own though, it could work since most 1.7.X plugins still work even though they are behind couple versions.
  11. That awkward moment when its dead quiet and your stomach decides to sound like a dying whale

    1. turnbullTeRRoR


      followed by captain Ahab brandishing a harpoon

    2. Jerkoff


      And my axe!

  12. I have looked into plugins very little. Gonna mess around with that probably this weekend. Main reason for no 2fort is that A I never saw servers play it unless it was 24/7 and B anytime a server would switch to it everyone would leave. Plus, the trend was CP and PL
  14. Not at all. I wouldn't do it but some people do it every six months that I know.
  15. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2047513/fragging-wonderful-the-truth-about-defragging-your-ssd.html
  16. MaRvIn


    That is registration for you.
  17. I never said that admins have to join fellow admins. As I recall players are not supposed to choose their own team and just have it be random. Surely when this happened the server was full and so admin aren't allowed to simply switch players and risk throwing the balance of the game off. Like Architect said, maybe Jackie might be able to create something so that admins can see when players need help. Until then this is a problem that is going to happen and can't really be 100% controlled even if an admin were on her team. There are millions of reasons as to why an admin even on her team wouldn't have heard/seen what she was saying. We strive to have everyone to enjoy the game, hence why I gave her some more options to use next time this problem occurs. I guess I was wrong when I thought the problem was pretty much solved by then until there is a better fix.
  18. Not everyone has admins as friends on their steam account. Before you post again like this please read my post right above yours and if you can't find it I will paste it below. For the people who don't have the admins added there is a full list HERE. Also before you add all of them if you just play L4D2 only add the ones who actually play too.
  19. For the people who don't have the admins added there is a full list HERE. Also before you add all of them if you just play L4D2 only add the ones who actually play too. Like Shaft said in a perfect world there would be an admin on each team. But, that isn't always the case and it isn't something we can just fix. Both teams may be full and there is no availability for an admin to switch or maybe if they switch it will create an imbalance in game play. My suggestion is to utilize the tools you do have; steam, mumble, member and admin only chat if L4D2 has that. Even if an admin had been on your there is still the high possibility that they wouldn't have responded with all the million things that go on during a game. I think the best course of action is to get back on and kill some zombies and not worry about something as little as this.
  20. Even then, why not just use steam to message one of the two admins on? In-game chat is not the only way to solve the problem especially since the other team can read what you say.
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