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  1. Hi... Who is this Fatty fellow?
  2. Wednesday....I made the error of thinking it was Thursday and planned a visit with a friend tomorrow night, but that is still a 50/50 thing, so we may be there, if nothing else, we will show up late for a couple brewski's. Liez!! You have no friends.
  3. NPI ( http://www.npavi.com ) has typically provided whatever we requested by way of TVs, projectors, screens, etc. Haven't heard for sure, but assuming they are back in again I don't think it would be a problem to get whatever is needed set up.
  4. that is awesome, I'm gonna pick one up with the fu man chu addon!!!
  5. What is his locale Playaa? My office in Cleveland will be hiring one to two entry level civils in the next several months. If I remember correctly, you live in St. Louis? Is he located in that area? We have an office there. I'm not sure if we're hiring there or not, but if you want to forward me his resume (todd at tklk.net) I'll get it over to them. http://www.cecinc.com is the website for our company. We do site civil, environmental, ecological, and waste management type of work.
  6. K, back from all my vacationing/working. Feeling much better. Stepped on the scale this morning and was 231. I guess that can be good for this past Friday's weigh in.
  7. Yeah, it works in the short term, but you usually put it back on...
  8. Haven't felt great for the last week. Decided I needed to go see the doctor before I go out of town for 5 days for Thanksgiving at the in-laws and then the following 7 days in Vegas. So, the doc did some listening, had me do a breathing treatment and then diagnosed me with either severe bronchitis or walking pneumonia. So.... I'm not really going to do any exercising until I get this thing kicked. He's got me on antibiotics so hopefully I'll be ready to go in a week or so.
  9. I just assumed he wanted to time travel in a pickle shaped car.
  10. gasp.... 235 - I will put $10 in the pot but will not be in the running for it.
  11. Awesome Playaa.... I actually weigh a few pounds(3) more than when we started last time.
  12. I never saw a final. I think I did see that we are weighing in on Fridays but are we supposed to report today or next friday? And are we doing pictures again?
  13. If it were just happening to me at work I would consider that an option, the fact that its happening to me at home too kind of negates it.
  14. I'm definately in, and I'll chip $10 into the pot but I don't want to be in the running for it. I need to find the motivation to not do this once a year...need to figure out how to be consistant. Well, consistant at working out and being thin, not consistant at losing weight in the winter/spring and putting it back on in the summer/fall.
  15. There was no choice for "taking care of your puking kid" so I just picked family time.
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