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  1. Since it's been 12 hours already and she hasn't been here yet i went ahead and unbanned you. If Chick disagrees for some reason she will re-instate the ban, but this seems like a pretty clear cut case. You are free to play on gcftw again, just make sure to follow the rules. Game on
  2. It seems you were indeed permanently banned by Chick for griefing. Unless there is more to the story you haven't told us yet, she'll be by shortly to unban you since you apologized.
  3. Tsunami's ghost has come to haunt the forums
  4. My 5th favourite instrument. I'd seen the video posted elsewhere but didn't bother to look. Glad i did now, put a smile on my face. Thanks for this one
  5. He's this guy: http://gamrs.co/l4d/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=noobiestnoob&Submit= Unbanned you for now. You also had a previous ban for rushing, might want to check up on the rules.
  6. Actually it was down on my end for like 5 mins yesterday
  7. Loved the first bioshock, the 2nd and 3rd were good too, but not the same.
  8. You were banned for two days by Maestro for rushing. I'm sure he'll come by soon to explain further.
  9. Nice. Have an amazing but also safe trip!
  10. Just out of good ol' curiosity, what's the difference with Ventrilo?
  11. Yeah i know all the Belgian laws around this. I imagine there are differences in US laws, but the fundamentals being the same. That said you're going to have to give some more information
  12. Not Dota2, she's all into the far inferior League of Legends. With friends from real life mostly i think
  13. Is this: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10GHz good enough to play Rust? Also it says RAM required is 4.0, but i'm only running 3.1 according to the system requirements lab And yes, my pc is an old fart.
  14. Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away :(

  15. Only played it on the Wii. Had fun, the controller didn't really bother me. Also apparently i absolutely own on it. Gf spent most of her young life at dance school => i own every top score
  16. I have no problem taking it on me, but i'm afraid i lack the technical server skills or even area code to start something like that. Edit: maybe if you put the map in the test server so all i have to do is tell ppl it's a go and switch the map
  17. Just saw it too. Never played LoZ but still up for it.
  18. I've been hearing about the 'good old days' ever since i first stepped foot on the left 4 dead server, which was months before i even joined GC. People like to be over-nostalgic. This server is amazing, but it's always had its difficulties. there are no 'good old days'. There are days in the past where it was better to play than it is now, but also days where it was worse.
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