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  1. Some of my favorites from overheardeverywhere.com (as opposed to just New York):
  2. End of Times Is NEARZ!!!
  3. Just had to share it with everyone: http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/
  4. http://tinyurl.com/6x25p9 I'm not sure I even want to get into the frameworks to be honest. I work with a Java/Javascript developer and one of the first things he told me was that most of the frameworks are bloated crap and I should learn to do it on my own.
  5. Yeah, I can google for "learn javascript" too Preach. I just wanted people who had experience to give me some sites/resources that they trust and know are worth using. By the way Preacher...there is a perfect website for you. It's called "letmegooglethatforyou.com"
  6. So I've recently (within the last few months) been forced to start learning some Javascript. It's tough to debug and annoying to program sometimes...but I love the things I can do with it and the powerful sites it can help build. Anyone got any links, tutorials or resources to share with me?
  7. Playaa


    I know very little about Linux or c/c++ (though I do know C#) Would they be willing to 1) Teach and 2) Let me telecommute?
  8. Does not compute! Invalid arguments. 2 fingers on a single mouse button to do alternate tasks is a better system than having 2 separate mouse buttons. Lunk. Go get Quicksilver. I don't care if you aren't a poweruser, Quicksilver is the best application for any operating system I have ever used. Even if you never use it for anything more than launching applications, it's a snap.
  9. Playaa

    Alert Map

    This might be it: http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianp...YiAkSPLO3P5c5tw
  10. Playaa

    Alert Map

    Uuuuummm..........someone got an explanation for this one? I can't find any info on the news.
  11. Playaa

    Four Years

    Checking! You people think you've been here long? I have been posting on the forums nearly 4 times as long as I actually played in the servers.
  12. To really get the disk out if it's stuck, boot up holding down the Alt (Option) key. When you see the disks (HD and DVD) you should be able to hit the eject key to get it out.
  13. 244 I honestly don't know where my weight is going as I haven't even started working out...and I'm back on soda..... Maybe I have a tapeworm.
  14. I picked this up thinking it wouldn't be that great but it's only free until Friday (then it'll cost $2) so I might as well try it out. It's actually really impressive. I have sj in my contact list as "Stuttering John" with the nickname being his real name. If I say "Call Stuttering John" it finds him, if I say "Call Real Name" it also finds him. If you have someone with multiple numbers you just specify. For example: "Call Mom Home" calls her home number. Definitely pick this up while it's free.
  15. Playaa


    I need a new job. That makes the second job in 4 years (one for 3 years, this one for 9 months) where they ran out of money and let me go. What a horrible time to lose a job too.
  16. I think my 29 year old sister is obsessed with it...which makes me never want to see it. Also...why isn't it pedophilia for a 200 year old vampire to fall in love with a teenager just because he looks like a teenager? Awkward times.
  17. XSlimmer It clears unused languages and code out of Applications. I only turned on the "Languages" option (meaning I didn't remove PowerPC code from anything) and saved nearly 2gig of space and some apps actually do open faster. Well worth checking out in my opinion. Only $12 for a license.
  18. Real Soccer 09 One of the best games I've played on the iphone. The only thing it's missing (apart from properly spelled names) is a "Dynasty" mode where you can buy and sell players. Remote Best app out there. I recently reloaded my iphone...and have discovered that these are the only two apps I found myself needing to have.
  19. I claim cheats. Being sick always makes me lose weight. I once lost 12 pounds over the course of a few days.
  20. I say go for it. And so far I'm pretty big when it comes to the rest of the people in this contest and we all know "might makes right" so JOIN UP!
  21. 250 (.5). In for $10 and hoping to win it all!!!! My goal is 230. Haven't been that low in nearly 10 years.
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