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  1. I also have the VModa's. They sound great. I don't have a problem with them falling out of my ear unless I accidentally yank on the chord somehow. Mine did start to fall apart, however it's only the silver casing at the base of the chord. It's basically a decorative piece that can slide up and down the chord but the mechanics of it stay in place and work fine. I will say though...that I don't feel like they are worth $100 (that's what I paid).
  2. Jailbreaking is easy peasy and it's just as easy to restore it to factory settings. Don't worry.
  3. There's this awesome app called Senuti. It lets you copy music from any ipod onto any Mac. I recommend getting it.
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  5. I had mine for like...2 years I think? I stopped using the desktop and sold it to someone in this community. I don't even remember who it was actually...nor do I remember if I sold them the monitor or not. Either way, it was cheap and looked good (not spectacular, but good) and did what I needed it to do for 2 years. Was a 19" for $179 (when every other 19" was easily $250 or more).
  6. Playaa

    Happy Birthdays!

    Rev! You're old! Shadowcaster! You don't post here anymore! eXile! You're going to be 30 soon! Then you die!
  7. What do you use it for? Because honestly if you don't do anything other than text and call...don't get any of these.
  8. I am only warning them it is inevitable. Grand One Jobs will call them to the fold when the time is right.
  9. Apple TV is a computer running OS X. So yes...you will own a Mac. And one day, you will have a normal Mac computer as well. You will ALL give in, you just aren't aware of it yet.
  10. I think it's next Friday. Either way, my weigh-in is 246. w00t!!
  11. I r win. I haven't gained back a pound of what I lost last time around. (lost more even) First time in my life I've actually done that though.
  12. sooo...alot has been said in this topic. Here are my thoughts: 1) Apple coverage is good. From my experience (though others have had different) if you take an Apple product that is busted to the Apple store within a year or so of its purchase, they will replace it for you with a refurbished product. If you buy the Apple Care protection plan (which can be purchased at any time, separate from the product and applied to the products serial number online) you will get 3 years of coverage. I don't think the 3 years coverage is worth it. 2) Be careful about peripherals because certain ones won't work correctly with the newest iphones/touches. It looks like you already know that though. 3) You will buy a Mac some day. You just got your entry drug into the Apple world. There's no going back.
  13. Ok...not completely free...but 75% more free...at least for a few days.
  14. I'm still hovering around 245. A year ago when I started trying to lose weight I was 298 pounds. I haven't really done anything difficult except cut down on portions and eat slightly healthier. Now I'm at the point where it's actually getting difficult to lose the weight. My dream weight is 220 or below.
  15. Playaa


    Jeremy Piven is the only reason I stuck with the show after Season 1.
  16. I say we go for initial weigh ins on the 21st as it will give us more time to get people interested. I also think we should all put in $10 to the pot (up front) and 1st and 2nd place should get a 60-40 split.
  17. Totally in. Should I pig out this weekend to get a cheaters head start?
  18. along those lines, a dj named "Danger Mouse" did a mashup years ago of Jay Z's Black album and the Beatle's White album. Was really good. I just deleted my copy of it though so I can't share it with ya.
  19. I have heard of SkyFire. I have heard it is excellent. I have never used it. So there ya go.
  20. I am pretty sure I have a GeForce FX 5200 sitting around. I wonder what is the cheapest usable pc I could build to make a recording box?
  21. I voted for Ron Paul. Can someone tell me if he won?
  22. wow. His books were some of my favorites when I was younger. Jurassic Park was one of my favorite books I've ever read. My copy is literally falling to pieces it was read so many times.
  23. But you still are a little girl.
  24. Too late! Already got a ticket for showing it off this weekend! "How do you like THEM apples?!?!"
  25. It would be more of a flame war if I didn't openly admit that I may or may not have an Apple tattoo hidden somewhere on my body. i.e. I'm a fanboy.
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