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  1. Just wondering how many new parents managed to continue working out once there was a new addition to the family. The wife and I are ... trying... and I really want to stay excercising after we have a baby. My thought is to buy a home gym as I know it will be near impossible to go to the gym. I was thinking of buying a bowflex and maybe a bike or treadmill. Did you get to continue working out? Do you have a good suggestion? Give me some feedback please!
  2. Could this be moved to general discussion? I think we have non-gc members that would give some suggestions if they could.
  3. Welcome! Glad you decided to join.
  4. That is nice, but it is also $500. If he wants to go cheap, I doubt $500 is considered cheap for a number of people. (Mo, let's be friends, my b-day is past, but you can still send me something nice). This is what I use, and I've gone through plenty of cities (Cinci, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Columbus, etc) to say I've tested it well, and it works just fine. And yest, I know it is near $100, but it is the cheapest one I know of that will charge and broadcast well enough to recommend.
  5. duma


    I'll... just... um.... play? Give feedback.... uh...
  6. duma


    My time is limitted, but I am willing to help with what time I have. I hate to see West go, and if there is a last minute surge to help it, I am want in. My finals are in April, so you have me until about the end of it. After that, I can be on-board and help out more. Just let me know what needs to be done.
  7. duma

    HEy Guys

    Hello, and welcome back!
  8. duma

    I GOT IN

    Congrats. I graduated from OU in 1999. If you need any advice, give me a pm. I mark that place as one of the best things that ever happened to me - enjoy it, and work hard.
  9. Dragan and I got it going last night. It just takes a few rounds of two ppl playing.
  10. duma

    I'm back!

    Dear Lunk, I like that bike. I want one. Will it kill me? Thanks, Brian - whose wife can't be convinced that bikes are safe - aka duma ps. she may be right as I have never owned, driven, or been on a bike.
  11. duma

    Ohio Rox

    I graduated from OU. We are always at the top of lists. Anyway, the internet was a new thing when I went there. So... gosh I am old.
  12. duma

    Snow Day 2day

    It is a sheet of ice outside. Power was out in about half of my area, we got our power back after 4 hours. I have to work today, so I plan on taking 45 min to try and pry the ice away from my car. I love snow, but I hate ice.
  13. duma

    Snow Day 2day

    What school in Cinci do you go to?
  14. duma

    Snow Day 2day

    I kept my PDA beside my bed. When I woke up, I checked the home page and found out school would not happen today. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Technology FTW!
  15. duma

    I'm back!

  16. Ha... first vote was mine!
  17. I thought it was funny.
  18. That is great! Good work Jake!
  19. we have a one car garage. The wife has the new car.... I just need to get a new car. Or house... yeah.. house!
  20. Ha... that happened to me the other day. Talk about ticked off. I had to wait for my car to warm up enough to melt the ice. I love winter.... no really, I do!
  21. Pizza + movies = good family time at no cost.
  22. /pours a 40oz on the ground for scopeless.
  23. Well, with just two weeks of NFL left, and the cost of HD, I will stick to the rabbit ears. The game looks great, and I am still amazed it is free.
  24. Okay, I found a "HD Rabbit Ears" for $18. I have plugged it in and watched the two playoff games last night. All I can say is... amazing. I spent all that money on a TV that couldn't perform that well without a piece of old technology. Anyway, it is great! Thanks Playaa, w/o you I might have missed out.
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