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Group Pic Preview


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Welp, I sat down to mess with the 1st draft of the photo album....


It's great to have pics from more than one camera...but I tossed all of the pics into one directory and quickly realized that both Renegade and Bubblegum need to set the clock on their cameras....


I was sorting by time created because when making the album, the prog is going to sort by filename, which would mix the pictures anyways. I'd like them to be in order on the page.


So, while I rename, turn, and delete some blurry ones, I'm also going to have to blend them together manually by what is in the picture. I'll just have to figure out exactly how far off their cameras are.


So, in a word, it's going to take me some time to get this finished.


For now, here's a shot of the whole group:



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I've renamed 260 of about 490....after I renamed them all (I'm getting quick with the alt-f-m!) I'm going to scan through them for blurs...and also turn those that were taking sideways (grumbles).


Bub's and Renegades pics are huge....2.5 mb / each....dunno how long of an upload I'm looking at, but it might not make it tonight. :)

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You rob a bank on the way home? Labatt. (although I'm headed to the zoo tomorrow, can't burn it late).


Ok, done renaming....messed up in the middle so I have some that are named with letters after them piled on a certain number (not sure if you'll follow that or not)....


Went through them, got rid of some blurs and some doubles...


Now to begin the album process.....453 total pictures.

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From (left to right)


1st row(bottom): Barry(XGS guy), rashad, ?, Mrs. Mustard, Mr. Mustard, Slaphappy, Venge, THX, Slyfox, zester, longhair, ?, M1 Renegade, BGB, M1 guy, NCC, Fatty, Mrs. Fatty


2nd row: ?, bubbasmells, rezurektion, Gond, Whiplash, redeyes, ReNeGaDe, Killer399, ?, Shadowseraph, ?.


3rd row(bending forward): fish(hanging on wall), ?, Mav, cranky bullfrog, Duke, clueless, nyxerinyes, ?,black ice, lunk, kingtutt, sw00p, shep49, m1?, batman, mrs. Duke , Mini Me(big guy), Mrs. Mini.


4th row: y3rmother, lost often, ?, HPD?, Primus?, ?, bigshaw, linch, buzzing frog, ?, a VI, ?, ?, ?,?,? ,m1 guy?,?, ?,brillow, bear, bullet-401, acid flux, ?,?, ?,?,killsugud, Becca ,m1 guy, m1guy, Gunman


I cant make out some in the back lol.. can anyone expand on this?

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im the girl in the yellow shirt behind shep. Kilzugud is on the leftside of me if you are looking at the picture.


kelly is in the blue shirt in the middle to the right of the picutre when you are looking at it. Kelly is the wife of Mr.Duke

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