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So what is everyone bringing


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I was just wondering what people were bringing console wise.


I have 2 Guitar hero controllers for the 360 and a wiimote/nunchuck that I could bring


If it was absolutely necessary i could bring my 360 or Wii also, though i would prefer against it.


So I was just wondering who is bringing what and what else we could need.

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I know for sure there are


wii related items

1 - wii

4 - wiimotes

2 - GH Guitars

2 - Rockband Guitars

1 - drum set

1 - microphone


360 related

1 - console

2 - guitars

1 - drum set

1 - microphone

at least 2 normal controllers



No clue what games are coming other than what I have for the wii... I have rockband, GH3, tiger woods, and the wii sports disk..

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